My Top 5 Favorite Products of 2017

The year 2017 is winding down, so it is the perfect time to reflect upon my favorite products from this year. I am always trying new products and I picked out five of my favorites to share with you!

1. Paradise Prisma Rainbow Face Paints - Fleur

Split Cake

This is by far my favorite split cake because it is so versatile. The red and pink side is perfect for creating roses and all kinds of flowers. The green side can be used for leaves on roses/flowers, but it can also be used for a wide variety of other designs such as monsters, dragons, and turtles. The colors go on very vibrant and smooth, which is characteristic of Mehron Paradise paints. 


2. StarBlend - Black

Starblend Black

I fell in love with StarBlend cakes this year. They are perfect for the hot summer months here in Las Vegas and they are sooo pigmented. I especially like to use black because it is perfect for creating shadows, which just instantly gives designs depth and realism. 

3. BAMS Snowflake Stencil

BAM stencils

First, I would like to say that BAM stencils are awesome. This snowflake one is a life saver! I still get so many requests from little girls for a Frozen design. This stencil makes it so fast an easy to do Frozen princess crowns. It is also perfect for the winter months when I'm doing a lot of winter and Christmas designs. I love how there are different shapes and sizes of snowflakes, and they are so easy to apply - even for the squirmy canvases. 

4. Silly Farm Little Drop Brush

Little Drop Brush

If I could only use one brush out of my entire face painting kit, I would pick up this one in a heartbeat. When I first got it, I thought that it would be one of those brushes that sits in my kit and gets used once a year. I was so wrong - this brush is super versatile and it is the perfect size. Use the edge to get perfect thin lines, easy teardrops, and tiger stripes. Use the flat side to perfectly blend, lay down color, or apply color to lips.

5. Amerikan Pixie Paint - Abracadabra

Pixie Paint

Last, but definitely not least is the newest addition to my kit - Amerikan Body Art Pixie Paint. This stuff is amazing. I can slap this stuff onto any design and all of the girls absolutely love it! Sometimes people, especially teenagers and adults, just want some of this on their brow and cheekbones, which gets them in and out of my chair super quickly. This glitter is so beautiful and it makes any design look really impressive. 

So those are my 5 favorite products for 2017! I hope that you will try some of them and love them as much as I do. Happy painting!