Monkey Face Paint by Belén te Pinta

    I have decided to paint this monkey design with a mask shape to avoid the mouth area and for a faster result too.

    I’ve only used different shades of Superstar brown except for linework since I love Superstar for base.

    Let’s get started!

    Step 1

    Paint two inverted drop shapes around the eyes with a medium brown using a filbert brush and fill in the area in between with a lighter brown, covering the nose completely. Paint two small circles in the corners of the eyes for the ears.

    Step 2

    Paint the hair of the monkey with a darker brown and an angle brush doing flicks to give movement to the hair.

    Step 3

    Outline the design with a round brush and black. Paint the inner part of the monkey’s ears, separate the upper and lower part of the mouth and paint an exaggerated “M” shape and two small teardrops for the monkey’s nose and nostrils.

    Step 4

    Give some highlights with watery white and drag some white with a filbert comb brush around the mouth to give the impression of wrinkles




    Superstar Skin Tone Palette (Light Sun Tan, Mat Brown 012)

    Superstar Chocolate Brown

    Diamond Fx White

    Diamond Fx Black

    Paradise Brush Petal Tip

    Loew Cornell Angle Brush

    Jest Paint Bolt Liner

    Soft Grip Filbert Comb Brush


    Belén Canosa is the owner of Belén te Pinta and has been working as a professional face painter since 2011 when she discovered a passion for painting on a live canvas.

    She loves belly painting and teaching and her works have been featured in several face and body painting magazines like Skin Markz Magazine, Illusion Magazine, Pintamos? and Qmagazine

    You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook:

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    Belen Te Pinta