Magical Mermaid Split Cake Design by Natalia Malley

What little girl doesn't dream of being a Magical Mermaid?  This simple yet effective design will WOW your clients and have them coming back again and again for another look in your mirror!

Products used in this design:

Mermaid Pixie Rainbow Cake

Slice Arty Brush Cake

Paradise Brilliant Silver

FAB Snow Petrol

FAB Ziva Blue

FAB Magenta Shimmer

Always Wicked Art Butterfly Sponge

American Painter 5/8 Ange Brush

Loew-Cornell #4 Round Brush

Diva Mermaid Scales Stencil #339

BAM stencil #1307

Finger Sponge Dauber

Mama Clown Minty Green Glitter

Mermaid Festival Glitter

Custom Bling by Aven2Ra 


Step 1:

Begin the design by loading your AWA butterfly sponge well with the Mermaid Pixie Rainbow cake, making sure to load the light color on the pointed tip of the sponge and the darker color on the wider edge of the sponge. Make sure the consistency of the paint is not too wet so that it won't bleed when stenciling. Place the DIVA Mermaid Scales stencil in the center top portion of the forehead and apply the paint by dabbing the sponge in a U shape, keeping the point of the sponge in the center of the forehead and moving the wider edge of the sponge along the outer edges of the stencil. 


Step 2:

Using the same sponge and Rainbow Cake, apply paint directly onto the eyelids at an angle which divides the eyebrows in half. Be sure to put the pointed edge of the sponge in the inner corner of the eye and press repeatedly to get a good application of the paint. Repeat this on the other eye and then repeat below the eye to create butterfly-like wings. This is a good time to apply glitter while the paint is still wet. I chose to use Mama Clown Minty Green Glitter on the green sections of the design only.


Step 3:

Load a Flat Angled Brush with Slice Arty Brush Cake, making sure to load the dark color on the top of your brush. Extend the edges of the design around the eyes with U-shaped brushstrokes to emulate fish fins.  To outline the top and bottom inner edges of the eye design, place your flat brush perpendicular to the skin and drag the paint along the thin edge of the brush inward towards the corner of the eye.


Step 4:

Using the BAM 1307 stencil and Paradise Brilliant Silver loaded onto a finger sponge dauber, place the stencil over the eye design and apply the silver paint all around the "fins." This step could be skipped if you are in a rush, but I think it adds quite a bit of depth to the design and an extra layer of detail that adds a lot.

Step 5:

If you have a mermaid bling cluster, now would be a good time to apply it! This custom bling was created by Manuela Cason. If you don't have bling, you could simply paint a design filled with teardrops, swirls and perhaps a shell to create a centerpiece for your design. Using Paradise Silver and a #4 round brush, I outlined the fins, and added dots to the outer edges of the design, as well as around the inner edges of the eyes. I added teardrops in the center of the forehead all pointing to the focal point between the eyebrows, as well as along the top outer edges of the bling cluster to fill in the empty spaces. I went back with Snow Petrol blue and outlined the silver line work I had just painted to create a shadow effect and add more dimension. 




Step 6:

Using a bit of FAB Ziva Blue, I softened the outlines I had made on the dots and teardrops to blend it better into the silver and give it more of a 3-D appearance. To complete the look I used my favorite color for lipstick, FAB Magenta Shimmer.


Step 7:

Don't forget the chunky glitter!  I used Mermaid Festival Glitter around the outer edges of the fins as well as at the center of the forehead. Be careful not to apply the chunky glitter too close to the eyes, and perhaps skip this step if painting this design on a small child who might rub their face and could possibly get the glitter into their eyes. But for older children or adults, the Festival Glitter adds a magical touch that really elevates the design.  


I hope you've found this tutorial helpful!  Please tag me if you try the design! I can't wait to see your creations!  


Natalia Malley is the owner and lead artist of Peace Love and Paint LLC in the Washington DC metro area. She has been face painting for about 10 years, has won numerous face painting competitions and has been published in several face and body art magazines including SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, QMagazine, FABAIC Magazine and Silly Farm Newsletter.