Video: Mermaid Mask Face Paint Design Tutorial by Kellie Burrus

Mermaids transformed from being elements of myths and folklore into staples of modern pop culture. We can see them in movies, toys, commercials, books, and especially in art! 

Mermaids are not new in face painting of course. So, that's why Kellie is showing us her mermaid mask design! 


Now you have a new creative way on how to face paint a mermaid design! If you have other mythical creatures you want us to face paint, let us know in the comments below. 

Products Used in the Video :

Wolfe Skinz Face Paint Palettes (6/colors)
PartyXplosion Black Aqua Face Paint - Black
PartyXplosion White Aqua Face Paint - White
TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes - Ocean (1.06 oz/30 gm)
Kryvaline Single Stroke Split Cakes - Lava (1.06 oz/30 gm)

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