Tutorial: Mermaid Face Painting

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Mermaid Face Paint Tutorial

At some point or another, most girls dream of being a mermaid. This design is great for any type of event, since you can shorten it up when lines are long or take your time and continuing adding detail. Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Paradise Brilliant Fuschia
  2. Paradise Brilliant Bottle Green
  3. Kryvaline Pearly Purple
  4. Tag Lilac
  5. Global Dark Blue
  6. Wolffe White
  7. Ben Nye Lumiere Palette
  8. Always Wicked Sponge
  9. #4 Roud Brush
  10. Smoothie Blender
  11. Scale Stencils (I used BAS Scaly skin mini stencil for the eyes and amphibious for the forrehead)
  12. Gllitter

Mermaid Face Paint TutorialLoad your Always Wicked Sponge with Tag Lilac and begin sponging it on the forehead. Load the other side of your sponge with Paradise Brilliant Fuschia and sponge in the eyelid, continuing to the hairline. You will be left with a “V” shape in the middle of the forehead.

Mermaid Face Paint Tutorial

With your sponge still loaded with Paradise Fuschia, use your Scale stencil to sponge in the mermaid scales on the center of the forehead. Flip your sponge back over to the side that was previously loaded with Tag Lilac and grab your smaller stencil to sponge in the smaller scales on the eyelids.

Mermaid Face Paint TutorialLoad your #4 brush with Kryvaline Pearly Purple and begin painting under each eye and continuing to the hairline. Paint on the inside of each eye, continuing on the forehead and then up to the hairline.

Load your smoothie blender with pink from your Ben Nye Lumiere palette and brush onto the sides of the nose. Continue with your pink, bring lines straight down to the cheekbone from the pearly purple area under the eyes.

Mermaid Face Paint TutorialLoad your smoothie blender with gold and  blend it onto the cheekbones, chin and jawline. Add some more pink under the cheekbones for definition.

Mermaid Face Paint TutorialLoad your #4 round brush with Global Dark Blue and outline some of the scales on the forehead. You will also paint in some scales on each side of the face, just above the cheeks.

Load your #4 round brush with Wolfe White and paint in teardrops on the insides of each eye. You will also be adding teardrops to the top of the pink. Reload your brush and add dots on top of the teardrops and under the eye. From here you can add white highlights to the scales.

Mermaid Face Paint TutorialLoad your #4 brush with Paradise Brilliant Green and starting under the eyes, begin making long, wavy teardrop shapes. You will be going for a seaweed effect. Complete the design with eyeliner, glitter and lipstick.

Mermaid Face Paint TutorialNow you can make a little girls dream come true. I enjoyed making this design because it has a different feel than your typical mermaid. Little girls and big girls alike will love this design. I hope you enjoy recreating your own version. Please be sure to share it with us on our Facebook page!

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for halloweenmakeup.com


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