Masks Monthly Challenge

"Behind every mask, there is a face and behind that, a story."
Last March, we held a Masks face paint design contest. We got dozens of wonderful entries showcasing different styles and themes. But, one entry caught our judge's vote and we are here to find out the face and the story behind that mask.
The "Mehendi" Mask
As you can see, the winning entry really catches your eye with it's intricate line work and patterns. The reason why our judge thought that it deserved to be our winning mask entry.
We asked the artist about what inspired her to create such an intricate design as an entry for our contest and she her reply is : 
"I love drawing mehendi very much, it is Indian art, so most of the patterns on the mask were taken from mehendi. I dream to visit India to see for myself how local artists paint there. But on the face is much more difficult to draw thin lines, like lace, henna on the hands to do it easier"
About the Artist
The artist behind this wonderful design is Natalia Kirillova. She started face painting on 2012 which started as a hobby but turned professional 3 years ago.
Recently, she and her mom published a children's book where she did illustrations with watercolors, painted with brushes for face paint which, according to her, were very convenient for drawing on paper. 
Here are some of the drawings she made for the book.
Here are some of her face painting work : 
You can find her works in her social media pages : 
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Contest Entries