March Instagram Winner: Beyi Chung - Roses Theme

Congratulations to our May Instagram winner, Beiy Chung! For the month of March, the theme was "Roses" and Beyi Chung was the lucky winner of a $50 gift certificate to We hope you've treated yourself to some new paints!
March Instagram Winner
To get to know our contests winners a little bit better, we've asked them a series of questions.

Beiy Chung Q&A

1. How long have you been face painting for?
"Two years ago I started to face paint, but before that, I was more into to the natural beauty makeup, not creativity makeup. I've been in the makeup industry for more than 15 years."

2. What inspired you to start face painting?
"The talented artists boosted my imagination, and they inspired me alot, so I said 'why not let myself try?'"

3. Do you have a favorite brand that you always use?
"Yup, MakeupForLife, but it is a bit hard to find this brand in my country."

4. Do you face paint professionally or as a hobby?
"Mostly as a hobby."

5. Did you study in school or are you a self taught artist?
"I'm self taught. Practice makes perfect, so be creative and be active."

6. What is your favorite design to face paint?
"Anything floral and colorful." 

7. Have you won any awards/competitions? If so, please share with us :)
"I'm in the Top 6 of Faceawards Malaysia 2019 - not the winner but I'm proud of myself because I enjoy the process of makeup. I also won some contests last year from Maskworld, 5Fingerssfx, and Shuuemura competition more than 10 years ago."

8. What is your favorite design that you've ever painted? (please share a pic if possible).

9. Do you have a website/social media related to face painting that you'd like to share with us? 
"I'm active on Instagram  @beiy02".

10. Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself? (a little introductory, fun facts, etc...)

"I love DIY especialy the artwork that I made for my creative makeup look and I'm always sastisfied with the result. DIY is enviroment friendly and also boosts my skills."