Maleficent Face Paint Tutorial by PTBarpun

Hi friends! Ahhh I'm so excited for Maleficent 2!! For this tutorial I'll show you a simple and easy Maleficient face paint tutorial!

Maleficent Face Paint Tutorial

Step 1

Starting out with a white base on my face, and black paint around my neck for her neck band.

I used a filbert brush to carve out a line for my cheekbones, then carefully with a fluffy brush and black eyeshadow I brought down the shadow onto my jaw. I used the same eyeshadow for my eyelids and a light contour on my forehead.

Maleficent Face Paint

Step 2

Make the shape of a large slice of pizza in between your eyes, add tenticle-esque thingys on top of your black slice of pizza. Apply red lipstick.

Maleficent Face Paint

Step 3

Using a thin detail brush add small lines all over forehead piece and in the front of your black band on your neck to add 'shine',  also love adding white to my lips to make my lip shine match my face. Lightly contour your nose with eyeshadow and add mascara. 

Maleficent Face Paint

Products Used:

Mehron Paradise Paints in White
Mehron Paradise Paints in Black
Black Eyeshadow
Red Lipstick
Detail Brush
Fluffy Brush

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