Kraze FX Split Cake Review by Beth MacKinney

Everyone loves the versatility and ease of split cakes, and the new Kraze FX split cakes absolutely deliver in terms of brilliance of color, ease of use, durability, and comfort. They even stack easily, making them easy to transport and set up. Enjoy a closer look at Unicorn, Twinkle, Nebula, Jalapeño, Lush, Shark, Puppy, Girly Girl Rainbow, Really Rainbow, Bloodberry, and Sundown in this video review. (The only 25 gm split not shown in the video is Tardis, an ensemble in blues which is an often used combination.)

Really Rainbow 25 gm split
• Nebula 25 gm spilt
Twinkle 25 gm split
Unicorn 25 gm split
Sundown 25 gm split
Bloodberry 25 gm split
• Girly Girl Rainbow 25 gm split
Lush 25 gm split
Jalapeño 25 gm split
Puppy 25 gm split
Shark 25 gm split
Tardis 25 gm split

Some of you have already tried the Kraze FX split cakes, but I have eleven different examples here that I'd like to show you.

In case you haven't tried one of these, I'd like to show you how the different sponges fit on the square container that the Kraze FX comes in.

Here's a teardrop sponge, and it fits pretty well. It goes all the way to the end, so you can load up five colors pretty easily on the sponge. Here's the half circle sponge, and you can see it's not quite wide enough, but you can just squeeze the sponge a little when you load it, and again, you can fit all five colors on it.

The lid is a plastic clear lid and it's about average durability, probably no different than most of the split cakes that have a clear plastic lid.

Something that I do like about this kind of container though, is that if you're a person who puts your paints out on the table when you're working, these stack. So that makes it really quick and easy to get your split cakes out when you get to an event. And really you only need a lid for the top one.

For those of you who have Craft n Go, you need a way to put a magnet on the back of your paints so they'll stay in place whether you're travelling or when you're actually at a gig, so they don't get out of place. So what I've done, is I've put a magnet on the back of mine. Because there is a little bit of a deep recess here, in this container, I've used a 5/16 X 1/8 inch magnet, and they're very strong - you really only need one. And I used packing tape to tape it to the back of this particular container.


Beth MacKinney is the owner and primary artist for, which services the greater Rockford/Chicago area of Illinois.