2019 Kraze FX Giveaway Winners: Month 2

Thank you to all that entered the Kraze FX Weekly Giveaway! Every month, we will update you on the weekly winners, and this month, our lucky winners were:

  1. Stacey Freeland
  2. Dawn Crocker
  3. Lili-Flores Perez
  4. Aracely

Kraze FX Weekly Contest

We really hope you enjoy your new Kraze FX 12-color palette! Congratulations again, and if you haven't yet won, keep trying - a new winner is picked every week!

We asked each one of our winners a few questions to get to know them better and this is what they had to say! 

Unfortunately, we could not get ahold of two of our winners, but we hope they're enjoying their new Kraze FX palette!

Winner: Dawn Crocker

Dawn Crocker Tiger Face Paint

How long have you been face painting?

"I have been doing Face Painting for eleven years now as a professional!"

What was the inspiration for your design?

"I could paint tigers all day long and still be ready for more!"

Do you have a website? Social media sites?

"My website is: On Facebook Dawn Crocker World Famous Face Painting Artist"

What is your best face painting moment?

"I once painted a little boy and when I finished he hugged me around my legs and I melted into a puddle. It was then that I knew I was hooked on face painting and I still am!"

Winner: Lili-Flores Perez

Kraze FX Winner

How long have you been face painting?

I’ve been face painting for many years now. I started painting my face in 2008 and now paint my daughter's face.""

Do you face paint as a hobby or as a profession?

"Definitely a hobby :)"

What are your favorite themes to face paint?

"I love painting sugar skulls. The colors are vibrant and fit in really well with my culture."

Do you have a website? Social media sites?

"I have social media sites, but nothing dedicated specifically to face painting. This is my Instagram wonder_woman_marlene."

What is your best face painting moment?

"My best one would be my daughter's sally costume one."

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