2019 Kraze FX Giveaway Winners: Month 1

Thanks to all that entered the Kraze FX Paint Giveaway! Every month we will update you on the weekly winners, and this month, our lucky winners were: 

  1. B.J Bernal
  2. Carissa
  3. Melanie Reyes
  4. Linda LaChapelle

We hope you enjoy your new Kraze FX 12-color palette as much as we do! Congratulations again to all the winners!

We asked each one of our winners a few questions to get to know them better and this is what they had to say!

Winner: Carissa

Carissa Kraze FX Winner

What was your inspiration in doing your design?

"The design was inspired by the first contest I ever entered- it was sugar skulls contest, I didn't even know what a sugar skull was, so I looked it up and thought "how could I interpret it differently" and I thought of doing an animal. My daughter likes cats, so we went with that, plus I thought it was super cute to have a tiny sugar skull fish with it. I repeated that original design so that I could document how far I've come in the last 10 months."

How long have you been facepainting? Do you facepaint as a hobby or as a profession?

"I have been face painting with professional face paint and tools for under a year. It started years ago at a back to school backpack giveaway event that I helped at the face paint station, the paint provided was horrible and face designs were unable to be achieved properly. The next year I took over the face paint station because I thought "surely we can do this better." I started with craft store Snazaroo paint and then did my kids birthday parties with the same kit (I still recommend that starter kit to people who are interested in getting started for church/community charity events, although perhaps after this I will recommend the KrazeFX palette instead).

I volunteer face painting at large events for churches, foster family events, and social service events. I of course do my kids birthday parties and am starting to do birthday parties for close friends & family. Maybe one day I will branch out farther, I used to do cakes professionally, and have a dream of doing birthday party packages with cakes & face painting... but I'm a busy foster mom to a medically fragile special needs baby and mother of three biological children, so realistically any aspirations of furthering my face paint career are on hold."

Do you have a website? Social media sites?

"I am far from a professional face painter, but I did just get an Instagram account and I follow some pretty amazing painters! My Instagram account is @NeuEnchanted_Expressions."

Anything else you'd like to share?

"Wining this contest was really awesome! Thank you so much! As a volunteer face painter all of my costs are out of pocket, the timing was just absolutely perfect as I have a big foster family event coming up and needed some more paint. There really is no greater joy than to face paint a child's face who has never had it done before! These kiddos come into our care with nothing, we once had an 11 year old come into our care who had never had a birthday cake or face painted, having a birthday party with both of those moved her to tears. I cried when I won, because it was right after I was asked to paint for the foster parent event and I knew I didn't have enough supplies, it's a lot of kids.  Thank you for your contribution in helping make some kiddos smile despite being in hard situations."

Thank you again Carissa and we wish you in the best in your future endeavors! 

Winner: Melanie Reyes

Melanie Reyes Kraze FX Winner


How long have you been facepainting? Do you facepaint as a hobby or as a profession?

"I'm been face painting since high school, volunteering at festivals on military base in Japan where I graduated. I didn't think to be here where I am today, looking back that long 10 years after that I'd be a face painter as a profession. It was fun then, its definitely much more fun now. Then a dear friend of mine face paint so I help her few times. That's when I thought to do it on my own as well since we're far away. It seems everyone wants to be face painter and it may seem easy but it takes more than just art."

Anything else you'd like to share with us?

"I learned over the years to have a lot of patients with kids and adults. You need constant practice to keep up with the industry and better self tomorrow. They said I'm lucky that I'm an mix media artist as a hobby that's why its easy to learn face painting. I didn't see it that way, so i practice and practice. So I'm always grateful for clients that comes back each year. They're my advertisement."

Do you have a website? Social media sites?

Melanie Reyes-Kraftchak 
We thank you again Melanie and wish you the best of luck in everything you do!

Winner: Linda LaChapelle

How long have you been facepainting? Do you facepaint as a hobby or as a profession?

"To answer your questions.... I’ve been Facepainting professionally for about 7 years. It is my profession, but I guess it’s also a hobby as well. "

Is there anything you'd like to tell us about yourself?

"I finally attended the Vegas boot camp this past June with Lilly Walters and Cameron Garrett. It was amazing! So much fun! I loved learning how to properly use one strokes. I also loved that Blanca Laba was there with her face painting supply store. It was like being a kid in a candy store! OMG, I bought so much candy! Can’t wait for next year! 
I still kinda consider myself somewhat new at being a professional face painter. I’ve been doing it for about 5-6 years and I’m still learning, but it feels like I just started doing this like yesterday! The years have flown by! I have a degree in art, but never did anything with it afterwards. I only wish I got into this like 30 years ago! I absolutely LOVE Face painting and I seriously have withdrawals if a week goes by without a gig!"


Do you have a website? Social media sites?

"My Instagram is: facepaintingbylinda 
My Facebook page is: face painting by Linda
And my website is
My website isn’t that great. I just threw together something for google business. One of these days I’ll get around to making a real website."
Thank you again Linda - we think your website is really great!
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