Kitty Cats Monthly Challenge

Our Kitty Cat Design Contest was a big success. A lot of face painters and their clients love cats. Cat designs are really easy to do but can also be made intricate depending on the theme. In short, the cat theme is versatile; from being a quick design choice for big events to being an advanced and intricate design.

The entries in our contest, all awesome, use various styles and techniques. But, one entry won our judge's heart; Terri Connolly's Retro Kitty. 

Retro Kitty

"It was an usually and beautiful treatment of the design, the brush work was lovely, the colors were vibrant and well-blended, and the placement on the face is perfect. It was great."

This is what our judge thought of the Retro Kitty Design. Being able to perfectly blend the colors and still make the lines pop require a great amount of skill especially for detailed designs such as this.

According to Terri, "The inspiration for this painting was actually a theme I was following for a magazine called, SkinMarkZ. The theme for the magazine was retro and all colors, so I came up with this kitty design. I was a little nervous painting into my hair at first, because you never know if it will stain or not. Lucky for me it washed right out! "

About the Artist

Terri Connolly is a professional face painter. She has been face painting for 5 years. She started face patinting in a Christmas party way back 2013 and she fell in love with the craft. After that, she search for tutorials, watched YouTube videos, looked for the right tools, and the rest is history. 

She is also a multi published artist, being featured in 5 magazines around the world. Also in December of 2017, she  began publishing a magazine called “Qmagazine”.  The “Q” stands for the “Queue” we as face painters hope we always have plenty of on the job and also for her new grandson Quinton.

You can also find her work in her business Artistic Shades ( She paints at birthday parties, corporate events, private settings and fairs.  You can find her on Facebook at

Here are some of her works :

Staff's Contest Favorites

Lady Kitty by Svetlana

Summer Kitty Cat by Nataliia Stomarivska

Contest Entries