June Instagram Winner: Léah - Gold Theme

Congratulations to our June Instagram winner, Léah! For the month of June, the theme was "Gold" and Léah was the lucky winner of a $50 gift certificate to We hope you've treated yourself to some new paints!


To get to know our contests winners a little bit better, we've asked them a series of questions.

Instagram June Winner

Léah Q&A

1. How long have you been face painting for?
"I've  been face painting for two years now!" 

2. What inspired you to start face painting?
"I was originally interested in special effects makeup by watching the reality show "Face off", but I had to do a first year of Global makeup classes to access this formation. I eventually graduated from both school years and I fell in love with face painting and body painting!" 

3. Do you have a favorite brand that you always use?
"I really like Superstar paints, but I just received some Mehron and Cameleon paints that I purchased with my free coupon on, so I may change my habits"! 

4. Do you face paint professionally or as a hobby?
"I've been a professional makeup artist for some months now!"

5. Did you study in school or are you a self taught artist?
"I studied in Métamorphoses school for two years."

6. What is your favorite design to face paint?
"I don't really have one, I like trying new stuff ! I'd say some abstract paintings, with vivid colours and partly visible skin." 

7. Have you won any awards/competitions? If so, please share with us :)
"I applied for London IMATS' Battle of the brushes in 2018, but I was only ranked ninth, and only eight candidates have the opportunity to participate! I'll try again next year :)"

8. What is your favorite design that you've ever painted? (please share pic if possible)
"That's a tough question ! I'd say a very graphic and abstract pink design I did on the shaved head of a beautiful man, but I don't know if he'd be ok to share this pic So my second choice would be a design I painted on another shaved head haha ! It was a very nice shooting time with two great people I met on Instagram, @just_some_pictures_of_me and on Instagram. I'm right handed and I practiced my left hand by painting the beginning of the bodypainting with both hands simultaneously, it was fun ! I really like the result we got in photos, definitely some creatures vibes I think! Painting a head is very pleasant to me. It gives a lot of free space to create, most of the time on people with strong personality and charisma, it's even better to be inspired by!"
9. Do you have website/social media account you'd like to share with us? 
"My work is online on my professional Instagram account, it's not only face paintings but also makeup related stuff :) "

10. Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself? (a little introductory, fun facts, etc...)
"I think my previous studies in graphic design influences a lot my face paintings. I like clean lines, contrasts and bright colours, and I can be quite meticulous now! I'm not a very positive person, I often feel lost, I studied different fields at university for SIX years, and I regularly wonder if I'm doing right. But here's the thing : sometimes we may be discouraged when we don't know what to do with our life, when we fail, or when we think we made a mistake, but I guess there aren't 100% wrong choices - every choice is one more step until the best one!