January Instagram Winner: Chloé - Superhero Theme

Congratulations to our January Instagram winner, Chloé! For the month of January, the theme was "Superheroes" and Chloé was the lucky winner of a $50 gift certificate to We hope you've treated yourself to some new paints!

Superhero Body Paint

Chloé Q&A

1. How long have you been face painting for?
"I started doing some makeup on myself when I was 15 years old, but officially it's been 3 years now."

2. What inspired you to start face painting?
"I was already attracted by the world of beauty and makeup and it was by watching movies like Tim Burton that I wanted to reproduce this on myself."

3. Do you have a favorite brand that you always use?
"The choice is difficult, but I would say the Mehron brand is my favorite, but I also work a lot with DiamondFX for my bodypaintings."

4. Do you face paint professionally or as a hobby?
"It started out as a hobby, but today I am trying to do my job, and I hope one day to make a living from it."

5. Did you study in school or are you a self taught artist?

"I did a 1 year in a makeup school where I could learn all the "basics" of beauty, theatre, special effects... But I specialized myself in art after school, so I'd say it's both!"

6. What is your favorite design to face paint?
"I love to do clowns when it's only the face, with lots of details on the mouth and teeth! Otherwise, for bodypaintings my favorite theme is Superheroes/Comics!"

7. Have you won any awards/competitions? If so, please share with us :)

"I finished 3rd at the Serge Louis Alvarez Competition at the Parc des Expositions in Paris in 2017, and this year I finished in the TOP 5 of the Face Awards de France! And of course one of your competitions on Instagram!"

8. What is your favorite design that you've ever painted? (please share pic if possible)

"I think my favorite bodypainting is Jaina Proudmoore's on me, or Vegetto Blue's!"

9. Do you have a website/social media related to face painting that you'd like to share with us? 

"Instagram:  Youtube:  Facebook: "

10. Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself? (a little introductory, fun facts, etc...)

I would say that for people who want to get into this job, to never give up! When I finished makeup school, I was barely able to make a beautiful makeup look for children, but it is determination that makes progress!

Otherwise little "funny" anecdote, when I put makeup on myself, I'm in my onw little bubble and disconnected from the world, that once the pictures are taken, I absolutely don't remember the part where I was puttin on makeup, as if I was putting my feet back on the ground !

And I also fell asleep filming myself for the Face Awards competition and I kept painting at the same time (but I didn't leave it for editing haha).