Introducing The Kryvaline Creamy Line!

Awesome news for our dear face painters! The most awaited Creamy Line from Kryvaline has arrived!

Kryvaline Creamy Line Face Paint has a special wax-based formula that provides a very smooth and non-staining coverage. Requires little amount of water to activate too! Made with FDA and EU approved ingredients, they are hypo-allergenic and safe to use on skin. Creamy line paints are very creamy, ideal for blending.

Check them out below!


Kryvaline Creamy Line Essentials are very creamy and are extra smooth to apply. These face paints come off easily without leaving any stain on the skin. These are very vibrant and provide great coverage that is hypoallergenic.

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If you want to add amazing shimmer effects on your face paint design, you should try Kryvaline Creamy Line Pearl Face Paints. Pearly Colors are sheerer than essential colors and show nicely when applied using a sponge.

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Kryvaline Creamy Line Fluorescent Face Paints shine brightly to create stunning effects under the black light. Perfect for parties, night clubs, or bowling alleys with neon lights. This face paint from Creamy Line is very smooth to put on skin and comes off easily and does not stain the skin. Kryvaline Creamy Line Face Paint provides great coverage and rich color.

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For a quick design, you should try out the Kryvaline Creamy Line Split Cakes. These face paints are rich and vibrant rainbow cakes, that can be used for creating quick and easy designs. Ideal for parties, carnivals and events. Kryvaline Creamy Line Face Paint provides great coverage and rich color.

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This year is an exciting year here in! Watch out for more new products coming in stock in the next few weeks!