Intensive Care - Halloween Fast Design Vol. 1 by Marina

I'm so excited to share this Intensive Care Tinsley Tattoo FX Kit! For most of us Halloween is busiest time of the year and this one is game changer. Although this can be used by everyone professionals or non professionals.

When you open the kit inside are these awesome tattoos. Tinsley Transfers Tattoos can be easily applied with just water with no need for any extra glue or adhesive, which is great. Instructions come with every package and they are really easy to follow.

Skin should be clean,then we remove clear,protective top sheet,press tattoo firmly onto skin with design facing down. Hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo, and press down and hold it for 40-60 sec. The thing you should pay attention to is make sure to wet it thoroughly, because if it's too dry, the tattoo will not come off transfer paper in one piece.


I've put on some bandage and apply fake blood over bandage for a realistic effect.Everything else is a tattoo!! Feel free to take a closer look, because they blend so well that I'm amazed. Feeling on the skin is light, and no with no visible transition between tattoo and skin. So I have to repeat it again, those are all just tattoos!

In this picture you can see that I added some blood to make this Halloween design be more realistic, and that's it.



This  Intensive Care Tinsley Tattoo FX Kit is my favorite, and new "must have" in my kit.Taking it off was easy too, saturate the tattoo with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil; wait for 10-15 sec and rub away with a cotton ball.



Intensive Care Tinsley Tattoo FX Kit
Mehron Blood Gel
Mehron Splatter Blood Spray


Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!