Infinity Stones Design Inspired by “Avengers: Infinity Wars”

The Infinity Stones, which have a central theme in the “Avenger: Infinity War” movie, are the focus of this design. To possess all the stones makes for one powerful dude!! Boys and girls alike will love this design with a cluster of infinity stones as it’s centerpiece.


Supplies for Bling Cluster

Gems: orange, red, blue, purple, green and a large yellow gem

Gold Tulip Glitter Dimensional fabric paint

Plastic sheet protector

Grid paper


Step one: make an “Infinity Stone” bling cluster

Making bling clusters is quite easy! I made a paper template on my computer so it was easy to know where to place the gems. If you just have grid paper, that works too. It will be helpful in keeping everything lined up. Slip your template into a plastic page protector. Then, with fabric paint, squeeze out the desired amount onto the plastic and place a gem on the paint and gently push it down so the paint comes out around the edges of the gem. Do this with all 6 gems. I would suggest to start with the large yellow center gem. Let this dry. It may take a couple days so plan ahead. When it is dry, simply peel it off the plastic. 

Supplies for the design

Silly Farm split cake–mermaid pixie

Global split cake–kenya

Global split cake–antarctica

Global split cake–everglades

Silly Farm split cake–day glow

BAM stencil 2013: geometric lattice

BAM stencil 1206: gradient

BAM stencil 3010: stars


Round pouncer sponges

White paint

Red paint

Diamond FX metallic white

FAB gold shimmer

Mehron AdGem Adhesive

Chunky Glitter

Glitter Lipstick (optional)

Step two: sponge the base

Load a sponge with the mermaid pixie rainbow cake and apply the base color to forehead, eyelids and across the cheekbone of one side.

Step three: stencil work

Add some areas of texture and interest by using stencils. You may use different ones than I did depending on what you have on hand. I used a “Show Off” body stencil I have that looks like rays of light for the center with a combination of neon orange, neon green and neon yellow paint on the sponge. On the very top, using the BAM gradient stencil and red/orange/yellow paint, apply the dots. Finally apply a strip of gold texture with the BAM geometric lattice stencil and FAB gold shimmer to the right side.

Step four: load 3 sizes of pouncer sponges

I use round pouncers a lot for a quick circles. You can find these at any craft store. Load them using various split cakes so that you have strips of color on each sponge. I kept the colors within my color scheme of orange, blue and green. I also made sure the bottom edge had a bit of white on it by simply rubbing the edge in my white paint. You can load these up at the same time and then spray water to activate the paint when you are ready to use them. Make sure they are loaded good.

Step five: planets

Using your loaded pouncer, press against the skin and twist it back and forth slightly to mix the colors. Do not twist it all the way around, but rather keep the lighter color on the bottom and the dark color on top to create a natural shadow and highlight. Be sure to do all three the same way so it looks like your light source is coming from one direction.

Step six: superhero graphics

To give a hint of some of the super heros in this movie, use stencils or paint various symbols within the planets. On the orange planet, I applied a spiderweb Diva stencil using red paint. In the green planet, I painted Thor’s hammer and in the blue planet, I stenciled a star in the center and painted a ring around it for Captain America. I kept these symbols fairly subtle to keep the design from getting too busy. I used Diamond FX metallic white as that is semi transparent. Then using whatever star stencils you may have, apply stars here and there. I used Wolfe white on these as I wanted them to be more brilliant and noticeable.

Step seven: lightning bolts

To create “pulsing energy”, I painted white lightning bolts around the edge of the design. This also helps to connect your elements. Add some clusters of small dots around the stars.

Step eight: apply the bling!

Now is when you give it that special touch! Apply glue to the back of the infinity stone gem cluster and let that dry a bit before placing it in the center of the forehead. Add chunky glitter in various spots around the design. I used a green and purple combination. Lipstick with glitter is a nice touch if you are painting this on a girl.

Kids have great imaginations. If you play up the infinity stones while you are painting and their amazing powers as you place them on their face, you will have one excited child ready to jump off your chair and begin wielding the power of the stones! 


Pam Kinneberg is the owner and artist for her business, PiKadilly Face Painting located near Fargo, North Dakota. She has won numerous contests and can be found in various magazines including SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, QMagazine, Wet Paint Magazine and SillyFarm Newsletters. 
Instagram: @pikadillyfacepainting