How to Use Stencils Video Guide by Athena Zhe

Athena Zhe shows us how easy it is to use a stencil to make your face paint designs even better.

This is how I use my stencil! First, I lay down the base, and then I use stencils for texture. So I load up my sponge, making sure the sponge is not too wet, otherwise you can mess up the design. Then you're going to lay your stencil down over the base, and in this case it's scale for a mermaid tail, and then you apply the sponge right over the stencil, tamping it down. When you remove your stencil, voila - your stencil texture is complete! 

Products Used in The Video:

Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Fish Scales - BAM1013
Bad Ass Full Size Stencils - Amphibeous - BAD6001

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