How to Use Split Cakes Video by Athena Zhe

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Athena Zhe has some tips and guides on using split cakes.

This is how I use my sponge with a split cake. First I spray the sponge with water. Then I take my split cake, and I load my sponge with it. It's very important for the sponge not to go up or down, but side to side. You just have to continuously keep it in the same exact position. Then as soon as your sponge is loaded with the paint, you apply it on the skin, dabbing it.

Now I will show you how to use a brush with a split cake. I'm going to wet my brush and load it into the split cake, in a back and forth motion. Again, don't go up and down, but side to side, making sure to pick up all of the colors in the split cake, or, just the ones you want. Once your brush is loaded, you can apply it to the skin to make any design you want. You can make flower petals, butterfly wings, or leaves.

Products Used in the Video :

Global Body Art Rainbow Burst Fun Stroke Palette (6/colors - 10 gm)
Kryvaline Large Split Cakes - Summer Sunset (1.76 oz/50 gm)
Silly Farm Paint Pal Large Arty Flat Brush (3/4")

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