Top 5 Zombie Face Paint Tutorials: How to Paint a Zombie Face Videos & Tutorials

Learn how to paint a zombie face with these simple and easy-to-follow tutorials and videos! You'll learn how to paint a zombie face on a kid, step-by step. Whether the zombie face is scary, cute, simple, or more complex, there's something for every level!

Most times zombies are scary, and this can be frightening to children. Thankfully, they don't HAVE to be scary! Check out this cute zombie design!

Zombie makeup is fun, especially during Halloween! A little liquid latex, some fake blood, sunken eyes, and dripping blood, and you're ready to scare the whole neighborhood! Don't forget your zombie costume!

#1. How to Paint a Zombie Face on a Kid - Cute Zombie 


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Use a sponge and coat the face with white face paint. Then, fill in the outline using more white. Put on lightly.

Step 2: Put on yellow face paint lightly with a sponge, blending in without making it too bright. Coverage doesn't have to be perfect right now; effects come later.

Step 3: Use gray face paint around the eyes with a round brush. Add a little bit of black, also with a round brush, to shade the eyes. Blend it in a little bit. Use white face paint and a round brush to make teeth around the mouth. Add red face paint to paint the side of the mouth with a round brush.

Step 4: Take a small brush and black face paint and make lines around the mouth and outline the teeth. Now, make cracks all over the face with black and a small brush. Use white face paint with a small brush to highlight the cracks. Brush lightly with a round brush and white and then add a little bit of black for the eyes.

Step 5: Use stage blood on the cracks and the cheeks with a small brush. Make drips to make it scary.

Products Used in the Video

Ruby Red White 100 Face Paint
Ruby Red Black 150 Face Paints
Ruby Red Yellow 350 Face Paints
Ruby Red Gray Face Paint Refills - Gray 115 (0.14 oz/2 ml)
Ruby Red Purple Face Paints - Purple 770
Mehron Stage Blood

#2. Green Zombie Face Mask Design

Green Zombie Face Mask


This super cute green zombie face mask is easy to replicate, and so much fun too! There are so many awesome zombie designs out there, but I noticed that most of them are full face or half face designs. I tend to prefer mask designs because they allow for a lot more freedom to eat and they are less likely to get smudged. So, I created this silly zombie mask. Keep reading to learn how I created this design!

Step 1: Lay down the base colors. First, use the light green on a large brush or sponge to cover the area from the bottom of the nose, around the outside of the eyebrows, and up to almost the hairline. Make sure to add small circles on the side to create ears as well. Then, use light pink on a sponge or brush to create a lumpy organic shape that will become the brain.

Step 2: Again using light pink, brush on an uneven mouth. Keep in mind that the curvature of the nose may distort the mouth, so make sure your lines all line up so that the mouth keeps its intended shape. Then, create outlines of where you would like the scraggly teeth to go. Make sure they are unevenly sized and distributed randomly in the mouth.

Step 3: Use your red face paint or powder makeup ( I used red starblend) to create raw, red eye bags. This design would probably still be effective without this step, so it is completely optional and up to your personal taste. I decided to add it in because I thought that it made the design pop a little bit more.

Step 4: This is when the zombie starts coming to life (no pun intended). Use your slightly darker green to create some shadows on the zombie’s face. I put the shadows almost completely around the face and on the spot that the nose will be. I also used this color around the eyes to make them appear to be more sunken and added some wrinkles around the mouth. Similarly, use the dark pink paint to create shadows in the mouth and on the brain. Make sure to blend.

Step 5: Use your black paint to outline and add a little bit of detail. First use a thin brush to outline the face and mouth. Then add in some bushy uneven eyebrow that roughly follow the natural position of the eyebrows. Also add random strands of messy black hair to make the zombie look even more crazed. The brain also needs some details, so add random squiggly lines that help to suggest that it is a brain. Lastly in this step, create two uneven holes for the nose. Allow some room for the shadows to show through the nose holes. This whole step can be done with Wolfe paint or your preferred black face paint.

Step 6: Almost done! In fact, you could probably stop at this step if you wanted. But if you live for detail, then keep reading. I used yellow paint to create oval shaped skin lesions all over the face. I used the darkish green to create shadows around the lesions. This adds to the overall zombie effect. Then, fill in the teeth with the same yellow that was used for the lesions.

Step 7: The final step is simply more detail. I did not like the pink mouth, so I covered it with black. I also used black powder makeup to make the shadows more dramatic. Once you are happy with it, you are complete!

Products Used:

Mehron Paradise Light Green Face Paint
Mehron Paradise Light Pink Face Paint
Wolfe Black Face Paint
Mehron StarBlend Red Face Paint/Powder Makeup
Mehron Paradise Amazon Green Face Paint
Mehron Paradise Dark Pink Face Paint
Mehron Paradise Yellow Face Paint
Mehron StarBlend Black Powder Makeup

#3. How to Face Paint a Zombie - Halloween Comic Zombie

Brains Zombie


If you want a cool and colourful design for Halloween this Comic Zombie will make you pop! It doesn't take long to do and the older kids and teenagers loves it! This cartoon zombie has a great comic book look and will definitely not be forgotten at the Halloween disco!  

Step 1: Base.

Take a large filbert brush and FAB/Superstar "Lime Green" and make the zombie's head. Make sure to leave space for the brain later on one side. Take FAB/Superstar "Ochre" and put on some highlights on top of the green on the forehead, cheeks and on the mouth like teeth.

Step 2: Brain Base and Eyes.

Use the same filbert brush and a pink colour for the brain. I mixed Cameleon "Cotton Candy" and TAG "Neon Magenta" to make the brain colour really pop. Make the eyes and some lines using a #3 round brush and Diamond FX "Black".

Step 3: Linework.

Continue with the linework using the same brush and black paint like before. Add some "hashtags" and small lines to make it more "Comic-look". 

Step 4: Highlights.

Finish the look with some highlights using a #3 round brush and Diamond FX "White". Don´t forget to highlight the brain and teeths.

And your Comic Zombie is done! If you want a more scary look you can always add some bloodstains.

Products Used:

FAB/Superstar "Lime Green"
FAB/Superstar "Ochre" (sub "Mustard")

Cameleon "Cotton Candy"
TAG "Neon Magenta"
Diamond FX "White"
Diamond FX "Black"
Large Filbert Brush
Loew Cornell 795 Round #3

#4. How to Paint a Zombie Face - Kid Friendly Halloween

Halloween Zombie Kid Friendly

I am frequently asked to paint a zombie, at least once a week. Both boys and girls enjoy running around scaring everyone as the undead. So this week, I’ll be sharing a kid friendly zombie design that I use often.


Step 1: Load your Sponge with Paradise Storm Cloud and lightly cover the entire face. You can also cover the ears.

Step 2: Next, load your sponge with Paradise Black and fill in the eye cavities. Continue, by adding shading to the sides of the nose and head, followed by the cheeks and top of chin.

Step 3: Load your filbert brush with Paradise White and add teeth to one side of the mouth.

Step 4: Load your #4 Round Brush with Paradise Black and begin painting in the torn mouth area around the teeth. Continue with your #4 Round Brush and load it with Global Red. Paint around the teeth and torn mouth.

Step 5: Reload your #4 Round Brush with Global Red and begin painting in lines that extend down from the eye cavities to the top of the cheeks. Continue by painting jagged lines from the lip area as pictured. Repeat this step using Paradise Black.

Step 6: Finally, Load your #4 Round Brush with Paradise White and begin adding highlights to the teeth and jagged mouth lines. All Done!

Products Used:

Paradise Storm Cloud
Paradise Black
Paradise White
Global Red
Global Lilac
Always Wicked Sponge
Filbert Brush
#4 Round Brush


#5. How to Paint a Zombie Face - Puppy Zombie

Puppy Zombie

This Zombie Puppy Dog works wonders when you have a child that really wants a scary zombie, but the parent wants to keep it less scary for the other children. It’s a win for everyone, especially you since this design is also pretty quick.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Load your Always Wicked Sponge with Paradise White and sponge in your puppy dog’s face.

Step 2: Using the same sponge, load it with Paradise purple and sponge in the Zombie eye and add some more purple on the edge of one side of the design. You will be splitting this design in half. Normal puppy on one side and Zombie on the other.

Step 3: Load your #4 Round Brush with Paradise Red and paint in the tongue with a couple of little blood drops coming down from it and add a little scar on the Zombie side.

Step 4: Load your #4 Round Brush with Wolfe Black and begin the puppy outlining. When you are painting in the Zombie side of the puppy, you will be making more jagged lines then you will outline the “normal” side of the puppy as usual.

Step 5: Continuing with Wolfe Black and your #4 Round Brush, add spots to the puppy face, outline the tongue and paint the whiskers. Remember to make the Zombie whiskers a little bit crazier than normal.

Step 6: Still using the same brush loaded with Wolfe Black, start by making “x’s” down the middle of the design to create stitches. Load your smoothie blender with green from your Ben Nye Lumiere Palette and add some Zombie green to your puppy’s face. Finally, load your #4 round brush with Paradise White and paint in highlights on the stitches, tongue and nose. I also went back and added some red to the stitch holes.

Products Used:

Paradise White
Paradise Purple
Paradise Red
Wolfe Black
Ben Nye Lumiere Palette
Always Wicked Sponge
#4 Round Brush
Smoothie Blender


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