How to Face Paint a Cupcake

    cupcake final

    Who can’t resist a sweet cupcake?


    Medium #4 Round Brush

    Colors used in this picture:

    Diamond FX Essential Black
    Diamond FX Essential White
    Tag Body Art Orange 
    Tag Body Art Rose
    Tag Body Art Light Green
    Wolfe Face Paints Red


    1. Start by painting a square shape for the base of your cupcake. You can use white or pink, it doesn’t matter.

    cupcake one

    2. Next Using the rose face paint, create circular brushstrokes for the icing. Overlap the colors allowing some of the white to blend in slightly.

    cupcake two

    3. Add some sprinkles to the cupcake by adding dots and dashes of orange and green face paint.

    4. Finally, add the cherry to the top! Outline the cherry, and the outside of the cupcake. Add black lines coming up from the bottom to make the cupcake ruffles.

    cupcake final