How To Do Double Dip Petals - Video by Kellie Burrus

Here's another basic that everyone needs to know when it comes to face painting flowers and plants - the double dip technique! 

Kellie Burrus is going to teach you this technique and we're sure that this will help you improve your face painting skills! 

We chose to use a daisy and some double dip petal embellishments on the side. You create the double dip petals by loading your brush up with Wolfe white face paint, and then the very tip of the brush, you would use whichever color you like, and in this case, we've used blue. And then you just drag your brush and drop, so you get this really nice effect with the blue, or whatever color you like.

So first I like to get a little rainbow background. Then to do the daisy, I'll use Wolfe white face paint, and do a series of teardrops for the daisy petals. In the center of the daisy, I'll add some yellow face paint. Then we're going to do the double dip petals. We're going to load the brush with Wolfe white face paint. The bottom of the brush, you don't want it to have too much white paint, so you want to wipe it off a little. Then, dip the tip of your brush in the color of your choice - in this case, I'm using blue. After that, I'll just drag my brush along, and then drop. When you drop, you get the white!

Easy right? This technique will get you a long way! Watch out for our other face painting basics and tips soon! If you have suggestions on what you would like to see us do next, let us know in the comments below! 

Products Used in the Video :

Wolfe White Face Paints - White 001
MiKim FX Yellow AQ Matte Face Paint - Yellow F3
MiKim FX Blue AQ Matte Face Paint - Blue F15
Loew-Cornell® Gold Grip #6 Round Brush (3/16")
Global Body Art Fun Stroke Split Cake - Leanne's Lollipop LC (30 gm)

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