How to Camouflage Face Paint: 4 Camouflage Face Paint Videos and Tutorials

Camo Face Paint Designs

Looking for the perfect tutorial on how to camouflage face paint? These 4 designs will show you exactly how to do it! Our talented artists will guide you step by step through the process, showing you different styles and designs.

So whether you're looking for a camo butterfly face paint, or a full on camouflage face paint, there really is something for everyone!

#1. Butterfly Camouflage Face Paint Design by Marina

Camouflage Face Paint by Marina

Step 1: Layering the Base

First we paint our basic shape of butterfly. As always, I'm using petal sponge and Lush split cake from KrazeFX palette.Try to paint your butterfly as symmetrical as possible (I'm using wet wipes to correct the shape).

Step 2:Adding Colors

With my filbert brush and brown from KrazeFX fundamentals palette I'm adding camo colors.This is gonna be a great butterfly for boys too.

Step 3: Finishing Camouflage Color Combination

In this step we are adding other camo colors to our camouflage butterfly design. KrazeFX black and medium green from KrazeFX Lush split cake are great for layering over the base color. Play around with shapes you can't go wrong.

Step 4: Soft Lining

"Soft lining" is something that i like to do when i don't have time to do the line work or I just want the design to have soft edges. For this I'm using a blending brush and black mehron starblend powder paint.

#2. Camouflage Face Paint Video by Ana Cedoviste

In this video, talented artist Ana Cedoviste creates a camouflace face paint design unlike no other! Follow along with Ana and recreate this super cool camo face paint design!

Products Used:

Mehron In:

Dark Green
Storm Cloud Gray
Amazon Green

#3. Fierce Camouflage Face Paint Video Tutorial by Linnéa Önnerby Novak

Check out this awesome camouflage face paint tutorial by  Linnéa Önnerby Novak!

A very cool pattern that suits everyone, boys and girls, is camouflage. I love the darker colors and the wild pattern, and I still want to look fierce even if there is no fancy line work or glitter. 

I only used a palette with single colors and one brush to create this design, so everyone can do it!  Imagine the swirl and have fun and you will rock this super fierce look! 

Happy painting!

Products Used:

KRAZE FX Fundamentals 12 Color Palette

Tools Used:

Filbert Brush From Royal

#4. Camouflage Mask Face Paint by Pam Kinneberg

Camo Tribal Face Paint Mask

This camouflage mask face paint design combines two elements that are very common to be seen together...just walk into any sporting goods store and you have camo and deer in abundance! Boys will love this mask and it is super easy to paint! 

Step One: The Camo

Start the design by painting the lower portion of the mask. I like to use a 3/4” flat brush (Art Factory’s is my favorite!) and paint a crescent shape under each eye. I find it easier to make both sides identical doing it this way. Then fill in each side with a camouflage pattern using a #4 round brush. To make this design balanced, I painted a mirror image of the pattern on each side. Paints used are: Superstar SkullFAB Ocean and FAB Dark Brown.

Step Two: Front and Center

With the 3/4" flat brush, paint an arched area in the center of the forehead using a one-stroke. This is a one-stroke I made. For placement, pretend there is a V going down to the bridge of the nose...and the arch goes at the top. I used the Deer Boomerang Stencil in the center of the forehead with FAB Dark Brown paint and a sponge dauber to transfer the image. 

Step Three: Tribal Line Work

The design is completed using tribal line work in dark brown. Note the image in the upper right corner...this is where to start your line work. You are basically making a sideways V and arching the line over the eyebrow. Then start adding the swirls and other lines. They all branch off from your base line. Keep in mind to always curve the lines rather than making them straight. You are curving around the eye.

Step Four: White Accents

Use skull white and a round brush for all your accent dots and line work. It makes the design pop and ties in with the white part of the camo below they eyes.

And that is it! Practice the tribal line work on your arms or legs to get it memorized. This design comes together fast! There are many variations of camouflage color combinations ranging from greens, browns, grays, blues and even pinks! Google “Camouflage” to check them out and try it in a different color.