Halloween Zombie Unicorn by Linnéa

Step By Step ”Halloween Unicorn"

There is a big unicorn fever now, and everyone loves Halloween, so why not combine these two awesome things?

This Halloween Unicorn design is perfect if you want a cute and kind design, but at the same time a little bit scary. It is also great if you don´t want to cover your whole face.  Follow the steps below to create this chic Halloween look.

I hope you like it!



















Step 1: The unicorns base.

Start with the head of the unicorn using a filbert brush and FAB/Superstar Lime Green. I think the filbert brush is best to work with when I do horses because of the rounded shape of the brush. Start with a circle forthe head, then the mule and at last the neck and the ear. Go over with the green again if you need to for full coverage. Make the horn using the filbert brush and FAB/Superstar Ochre.  I also used a little of the yellow color as highlights on the unicorns cheek, forehead, ear and neck.



















Step 2: The mane.

For the mane I use a ½” angled onestroke brush and a black/grey/silver coloured glycerin based onestroke from Cameleon called Swan. The glycerin will make the colours blend more. Make half circles on the back of the neck, that way it looks like the mane is on one side. Make sure that the darkest colour is on the longest part of the angled brush.



Step 3: Background.

Take a half circle sponge and FAB/Superstar Ziva Shimmer, FAB/Superstar Lavender Shimmer and FAB/Superstar Silver White Shimmer and sponge the background sky by mixing these colours. The glycerine in these paints will make them blend nicely together. Try to smooth the paint out at the end of the sky on the forehead and on the chin.


Step 4: Outline and highlight.

Time for outline! I use a # 2 round brush and Diamond FX White for the zombie eye and for the highlights on the mane, horn and on small parts on the unicorns head. Outline the whole unicorn and the mane with a # 1 round brush and Diamond FX Black. Create the mouth, eyelashes, wrinkles, stitches and a little tooth. I also added some black lines in the mane.



Step 5: Details and blood.

Use a finger dauber and FAB/Superstar White for the moon. Then add some bats using a # 1 round brush and Diamond FB Black. Make some stars and dots in different sizes with the # 1 round brush and Diamond FX White. Take a # 2 round brush and FAB/Superstar Rusty for the blood. Put some blood on the horn so it looks like the unicorn has attacked something, and make some blood drip from the eye, mouth and neck. 

And you are done! Hope you liked it! Happy Halloween!


Products used:

FAB/Superstar:  “Lime Green”, “Ziva Shimmer”, “Lavender Shimmer”, “Silver White Shimmer”, “White”, “Ochre” (sub FAB/Superstar "Mustard"), “Rusty” (sub FAB/Superstar "Rage").

Cameleon One Stroke “Swan” (sub PXP Block M)

Diamond FX White

Diamond FX Black


Tools used:

Royal Filbert Brush #10

Facepaintstuff  ½” angle brush

Loew Cornell 795 Round #1, #2

Half Moon Sponge from Wicked

Finger dauber


Hi! My name is Linnéa and I live in the south part of Sweden with my husband and two children.

I started to face paint in 2016, and I am now a certified face painter from Olga Murasev´s International Face Painting School

I really love everything about this industry, and I like to challenge myself and keep on growing as an artist.

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