Halloween Half Skull by Linnéa

    "Halloween Half Skull"

    A classic skull that works perfect for all kids, and not just for Halloween! It can be done very quickly but still gives the child that wow factor. 

    Step 1: Base.

    Cover half face with a glycerin based white paint, like FAB/Superstar, and a half moon sponge. Use the other side of the sponge for the black. Use a glycerin based paint here as well to make it easier to blend. 


    Step 2: Linework.

    Use a #3 round brush and create the teeth and make the shape of the eye, nose and cheek better and add some lines from the eye and up.



    Step 3: Blending and teeths.

    Take your dry blending brush and moisture it slightly with a wet wipe. Start blending the lines, eyes and nose. Blend the cheek, and pay attention to the little line I painted just on top of the hole. Paint a little line around the eye with your blending brush. Fill in the teeths with waxy white and a #3 round brush. Blend the teeths in the same direction as the pointy end. A little tip; if you want a more pirate look you can paint one teeth with gold paint and just add a bandana. 


     Step 4: Highlights, cracks and blood.

    Add some cracks using a #1 round brush and FAB/Superstar "Black". Put some highlights on the "brow" and at the cheek using waxy white from Diamond FX and a #3 round brush. Take some red colour and make the consistency a bit more watery and paint on the middle of the face with a #3 round brush and make it look messy with your finger. Use a business card to spray the blood with the brush for a bloody finish. 

    And your half skull is done! Happy painting!


    Products used:

    FAB/Superstar "White"

    FAB/Superstar "Black"

    FAB/Superstar "Rusty" (sub "Rage")

    Diamond FX "White"

    Tools used:

    Half Moon Sponge from Wicked

    Loew Cornell 795 Round #3, #1

    Cameleon Blending brush

    Business card


    Hi! My name is Linnéa and I live in the south part of Sweden with my husband and two children. 

    I started to face paint in 2016, and I am now a certified face painter from Olga Murasev´s International Face Painting School. 

    I really love everything about this industry, and I like to challenge myself and keep on growing as an artist.

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