Contest: Graffiti Street Art


Graffiti is a kind of art that is often labelled as rebellious and a crime in a lot of areas in the world. But, if we just look at it in a different perspective, graffiti art is just another type of creative masterpiece done in a different canvass.

This is evident in our recent Graffiti Face Paint Design Contest! It also shows us that face painters can bring a type of art usually done on walls and public places into the realm of face painting! It was a great way to show the talent as well as the amount of creativity it takes to pull these designs off!

We appreciate everyone who participated in our contest and we would like to congratulate all entrants for creating such wonderful designs! And as always, two winners were chosen by our judge and the contest contest voters!

Let’s meet our winners!

Voters’ Pick Winner

Shiloh's Winning Design!

Shiloh’s Winning Design!

The design winning our Voters’ Pick award with 35 votes is the Secretary Bird & the Serpent design by Shiloh Walkosak.

Shiloh worked as a zookeeper for nearly 20 years and the Secretary bird is one of Shiloh’s favorite animals. Most of the time, children request animals to be part of their face paint designs according to Shiloh.

She even tells a lot of stories and shares knowledge to kids whenever she’s face painting because of her background as an animal caretaker. She and the kids talk about the animals, what they eat, where they live etc.  She’s only been face painting for only 4 months! We can say she has a lot of potential being a face painter and an animal educator at the same time! :)

Here are some of Shiloh’s other designs!

unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

Judge’s Pick Winner


Tamina’s Winning Design!

Our Judge’s Pick winner is the Bgirl Swag face paint design by Tamina Muhammad.

Tamina sells ACEO art cards on ebay and this style is the most popular and highly collectible according to her. She has been facepainting for more than 5 years but she has been an artist since she was a child. She created and sold art in her childhood! Impressive!

Here are some of Tamina’s designs!

PicsArt_04-20-07.54.55 PicsArt_05-20-08.43.21-2 (2)

PicsArt_04-11-11.57.25 Untitled

We would like to thank everyone who joined and participated in our contest! We are lucky to have such passionate followers in our store and Facebook page!

We are having a Neon Face Paint Design Contest! If you have a neon face paint design, submit an entry today! We still have until July 10!