Global Expansion


We did not receive any scientific reports that have slipped through the fingers of the television reporters about the earth getting larger; rather we are on top of the news that the brand Global is always growing with new products and more colors.



Global brand face paints are not new to our line up but we are carrying more of the product line and are happy to share the news with you. Never tried Global? Here are some things you need to know.


The single color cakesare a large 32 gram container of full rich pigment and can deliver over 100 applications. Blending colors in your designs are easy with Global paints and they offer a full variety of colors including pearl cakes for that smooth shimmer in your art. These paints have a smooth consistency  and typically activate with just a small amount of water. You can even customizeyour own palette.



Need something to expand your arsenal?  Using the liquid paints to apply base colors could be the answer to a faster production line, liquid colors can be applied with a brush directly from the container or with a sponge from a flat palette. Liquid paints are a more water resistant than the standard cakes and can also be a great way to add fine detail work to your intricate designs.


Add Flash to your art with neon standard cakes, they make amazing hi -lite colors. Neon paints can really come to life when the whole design is lit with a black light, get ready for some psychedelic fun!

If you have never tried Global paints we have a little incentive, right now we are running a 10% discount on Global paints. Use code global10 when you place the order to receive your discount.

Coming soon a review by Elizabeth Mackinney on Global’s expanded glitter paint line.