Glam Witch by Kellie Burrus

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a spooky and sexy witch makeup.

Women and girls love to dress up and have their makeup done to look like witches - especially on Halloween. Not all witches are the same! I hope you enjoy my glamorous witch design.

Step 1: Sponge a medium green over the entire face and down the neck.



Step 2: Using a round brush loaded with purple, paint on eyebrows, paint the lips, and create a little “wart” above the lip. Use the same purple and shade down the sides of the nose, the crease in the lids and contour the cheek bones and other areas where shadows fall on the neck and forehead.


Step 3: Load a sponge with silver and lightly sponge over the center of forehead, down the bridge of the nose, top of cheek bones and over eye lids.


Step 4: Use a round brush loaded with black and line the top and bottom of lids. Carry that line down the sides of the nose and paint some lashes on the outer corners of the eyes. Line the lips with black and blend so the lines aren’t too harsh. Add black hairs to the purple brows and darken the contours under the cheeks. Use that same black to shade and outline the bottom part of the wart, and dab a little silver in the center for highlight.


Step 5: Add any other necessary highlights using the same silver and add festival glitter to the highlight area of cheek bones, down the center of the forehead and into the hair and your glam witch is done! 


Materials used:

- Art Factory Studio Brush #6 round

- Loew-Cornell #2 Round

- Pink Sponges

- FAB Green

- Diamond FX Silver

- FAB Purple

- Global Black

- Festival Glitter Mermaid