Tutorial: Batman Full Face Mask


Check out this full face Batman face paint design and get inspired to create your own version!

Batman Face Paint Design

Start drawing a basic batman mask. You can use any thin round brush loaded with any white for this, or you give Mehron Details in white a try.

Then paint the moon using a flat brush loaded with TAG white metallic and double-dip 1/3 of the outer corner of your brush in Wolfe metallic yellow. Shape a half circle with your flat brush; the inner corner stays stagnant in the middle of the moon while dragging the yellow along the edge of the moon.

Clean the brush and load with arty brush Cake MIDNIGHT. Draw a one stroke along the moon and clean the excess paint off with a baby wipe.

Then use a sponge and load metallic dark blue on one side and metallic dark plum on the other side of your Always wicked sponge and dab the background on in an irregular cloudy purplish-blue pattern, try not to over blend.

After the background is completely dry, load a Chisel Brush with metallic white, and build the cloud formations; Simply dab and flick slightly down, if necessary blend the lower edge with a dry finger.

You load again your wide flat brush, this time with Wolfe black, paint on long vertical rectangles for the background skyline. Paint only as far down as dark black will be visible so you have space for one more row of buildings in a lighter black. Reload the brush in Diamonds Metallic black and do the same with a second row of buildings. Before you clean the brush you use the excess paint on it to flick upwards on the skyline to give it dimension. And then you turn the brush 90 degrees and use the same load to divide the black buildings, flick lightly down to separate the buildings. Rinse the brush well and load with TAG metallic white. Now do the same routine with the metallic black buildings (flick up on the roof of the buildings to give it dimension and turn the brush angle 90 degrees and flick down lightly with almost no pressure to make the buildings stand out more)

Load a small brush with Wolfe black and paint some bat silhouettes around the moon (or stencil bats on if you happen to have a stencil), highlight them with a thin line of white.

Now take your liquid white bling and draw a thin line around the around moon, use your chisel brush or finger to kind of drag it outwards like rays to create a sparkly shine.

Then use the liquid neon bling to create rows of illuminated window on the skyscrapers; just place dots and lines in neat rows.

Last but not least it’s time to fill in the space of the mask give it a “shiny finish” with depth. I applied black starblends evenly, but it needed more depth so I sponged on Wolfe black in the eye sockets and metallic black on brow bones and back of the nose.

To finish the design I highlighted the mask with a stipple sponge and TAG metallic white.

It’s a full face design that looks elaborate but can be easily done in 18-20 Minutes.

Products Used:

Silly Farm Arty Brush Cakes – MIDNIGHT
Mehron StarBlend Powder Black
Mehron Paradise Detailz Face Paints – White
TAG Metallic White
Wolfe Metallic Yellow
Wolfe Black
Wolfe White
Diamond FX Metallic Black
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Plum Fairy
Cameleon Face Paint – Metallic Victoriouse
Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling Neon Yellow
Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling White
Cameleon One Stroke Flat Brush 3/4″
Diamond FX Small Round Brush #1
Mehron Paradise Wide Chisel Brush (1/2″)
Always Wicked Sponges
Mehron Stipple Sponge