Fast Fall Fairy Design


This is a design that is great for creating a fast fall fairy. I don’t think the photo really shows it, but using the red and shimmer forest green, creates a beautiful overlay hue when used together.


1.Using a sponge cut in half, load one side of the sponge in yellow and the other half in orange.  Dab on over the eyes and on the middle of the forehead, as well as the upper cheek bones.


2.Using the medium round brush, add tear drop shapes in the middle of the forehead. Start in the middle, then add along the sides. Have them all point to one spot. Next, starting at the outer edge of the eye, swoop over eyelash, and press the brush down, then up, and round to create a swirl on the forehead. Add teardrops along side the eye and then add another swirl on the upper cheek.

3. Next using yellow, Add round shapes for the roses. Add a tiny bit of white to lighten up. Add one directly underneath the teardrops in the middle of the forehead. Then add more on each side, filling in the space as needed.


4. Using the small round brush, outline the red with the green shimmer.  Using white, outline the roses. I remember to do roses by starting with a spiral in the middle, then doing triangle shapes on the outside, spiraling out. Add dots all around the design and highlight as you see fit.  Add glitter if you would like!

Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter – Holographic Bubblegum Pink (Sheer)
Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter – Holographic White (Sheer)