Elsa and Anna Frozen-Inspired Mask


The Frozen phenomenon is still alive and well, although it’s fervor may have quieted slightly over the past year. While one face painter from a group I’m part of noted that she didn’t have a single Frozen-themed party last month, I’m still encountering them with regularity. So in honor of the continuing Frozen craze, here’s a lovely mask which incorporates several of the colors from the movie, along with some flowers and snow.


Paradise Brilliant silver
Paradise Brilliant light blue
TAG pearl white
TAG pearl lilac
TAG pearl purple
Diamond FX white
Silver liquid bling
Silver glitter
#5 round brush
#2 round brush


1. Begin by loading your sponge with TAG pearl white on one end and TAG pearl lilac on the other. You’ll put more of the pearl white on the eyelids, but will blend this with the pearl lilac of the mask. Also, place a little of the pearl right on the very edge of the eyelid right above the lashes, sweeping back toward the rest of the mask.


Load a fresh sponge with Paradise Brilliant baby blue. You’ll place this gorgeous metallic below the outer edge of the eyes, blending it back toward the hair below the temple. No your basic mask foundation is ready.


2. Load your #5 round brush with Paradise Brilliant silver. If you’d like to increase the metallic qualities of the silver, add a little Mehron silver powder after the cake is moistened with water. Draw the brush from just under the lower lashes, up and away in a curl over the temple. From the bottom of this line, pull downward to create ice cycle shapes hanging down over the blue portion of the mask.


3. Rinse your #5 round brush and load it with the TAG pearl purple, which is a darker version of the lilac. After it’s fully loaded, dip the tip of the brush in silver so you can make press-petals which have a silver center and a purple outer portion. Make one flower in the center of the mask, just above the eyebrows. Moving to the left and the right of the flower, create a trail of petals which stretch to either side of the forehead.


4. Add two or three green leaves for the central flower before outlining it and the upper edge of the flowers with silver, using the #2 round brush.



5. Finally, add some snowflakes, starbursts, and white dots to finish the snowy, Frozen effect. If you would like to add even more sparkle to the design, use a little silver cosmetic glitter and outline some areas of the design with silver liquid bling. (When I first began face painting, I didn’t add glitter because I was concerned about it getting in children’s eyes, but cosmetic glitter is safe for use around the eye, and most children ask for it if I forget to use it.)



Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.