Elf Face Paint Design by Marina Krmek

Holiday mode is on and today we are painting this sweet elf face paint design. Follow along in this step-by-step elf tutorial and create your own version!

Step 1- Placement and Painting the Base

I love Superstar Skin Tone Palette, which has a great variety of neutral colors. With a filbert brush and Superstar 118, paint the elf's head.

Step 2 - Dressing Up

Load a round brush No4 with Kraze FX white and paint the collar and part of the hat. The rest of the hat I've painted with a short flat brush and Fusion Palette- Leanne's Rainbow. Then we paint the elf's body with red from the Kraze FX Fundamentals 12 Color Palette. With a flat brush 3/8 and Kraze FX brown go above your eyebrows and paint some hair.

 Step 3 - Line Work and Painting a Face

With the tip of the Prima Barton round brush No1 and Kraze FX black I'm bringing our elf to a life. Kraze FX Fundamentals 12 Color Palette is used to add details such as eye color, rosy cheeks, and the white on the hands and feet.

 Step 4 - Adding Value/Details

It's time to add some details that will definitely bring value to our design. Kraze FX Splash 12 Split Cake Palette has everything that we need. With a short flat brush and the Lush cake from the palette, paint a Christmas tree,then use whatever colors you like and add presents. Load a round brush No4 with white and tap on the snow, making it uneven. With a sponge dauber and a snowflake stencil, finish up the design.



Supplies Used:

Superstar Skin Tone Palette
Kraze FX Black
Kraze FX White 
Kraze FX Brown
Kraze FX Lush
KrazeFx Splash 12 Split Cake Palette
KrazeFx Fundamentals 12 Color Palette
Fusion Palette- Leanne's Rainbow


Filbert Brush
Short Flat Brush
Round Brush No4
Sponge Dauber 
Snowflake Stencil
Prima Barton Round Brush No1

Elf Face Paint Design


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