Easy Pumpkin Face Paint Design - Tutorials & Videos

We've compiled a few of our favorite pumpkin face paint designs so you can follow along and create your own pumpkin design!

#1. Pumpkin Cheek Face Paint Design

Step 1: Using a medium brush, make a circle with orange face paint on the cheek for the pumpkin. Use a small brush and brown face paint to make a stem.

Step 2: Use a small brush and light green face paint and draw the leaves around the stem. Again using the small brush and black face paint add stripes on the pumpkin and outline the leaves and the outside of the pumpkin.

Step 3: Highlight the stripes on the pumpkin with white face paint. Add opal glitter for effect.

Products Used in the Video:

Amerikan Body Art Glitter - Holographic White (Sheer)
Ruby Red White 100 Face Paint
Ruby Red Black 150 Face Paints
Ruby Red Orange 650 Face Paint
Ruby Red Pink Face Paints - Bubble Gum 207
Ruby Red Pastel Green 510 Face Paint


#2. Cute Pumpkin & Cat Face Paint Design

What are all the girls crazy about? Of course, cats! So in the drawing for Halloween, we can also connect a pumpkin, a bat and a charming cat in a hat. Decorate everything with glitter and rhinestones.

Pumpkin Face Paint Design

Step 1: The first step is to use white face paint and round brush Loew-Cornell (#2) to sketch the drawing. The lines may be thinner as this is a sketch. The main thing is to choose the right size at this stage, begin to draw a pumpkin first, then a cat and the last draw a spider web, rounding its tails. The top of the hat is tilted towards the eyebrows, so the picture looks more harmonious.

Pumpkin Face Paint Design

Step 2: Next, using round brush Loew-Cornell (#5), cover the sketch of the cat with a thick layer of black. Use Chameleon-Baseline Strong Black paint, in my opinion, this is the brightest black of all brands, what I used. The stripes on the hat, legs and eyes are left blank, so that the light shades, which we will do later, looked brighter.

For pumpkins, I decided to use TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes - Dragon, its colors are perfect for our idea, creating a visual volume thanks to the transition from yellow to maroon. Using Cameleon #2 Angle Brush (3/4") we draw pumpkin strips vertically. TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes - Snake will help us in creating the stems of the pumpkins.

Pumpkin Face Paint Design

Step 3: The third step is to create triangular eyes and a pumpkin nose, and a mouth with one tooth, if you want to get a more frightening picture, you can make a pumpkin a formidable expression. On the hat, paint over the empty strips of yellow neon color, under ultraviolet light hat and cat's eyes will glow.

White painting the face of a cat and paws, patches on the ears. For glare, try to take the paint semi-dry consistency to look a little paler, and the eyes do the opposite, brighter. I create wool with a thin brush, draw quick strokes from the middle to the edges, so that the tips of the lines are thin, elegant.

 Pumpkin Face Paint Design

Step 4: Draw white cobweb, broad bottom strips I added a dark shadow to a brighter look. And what a picture for Halloween will do without a bat! Add it to our idea, completing the image. On pumpkins and paws a add white highlights to create realism.

Pumpkin Face Paint Design

Step 5: So, we came to the most interesting, at the last stage we will make our image brighter, add a little glitter Glitter Gel-Lucky Star, the colors shimmer in the light! Use Mini Stencils-Gradient - (BAM 1206) for the forehead, over the eye and under the pumpkins to give the picture a harmonious shape under the oval of the face. Rhinestone gems will add more Shine and luster to our image.

You can draw this image on both girls and boys, changing only the expression of the cat and pumpkin, giving the right mood.
I hope you enjoyed this look!

Products Used:

Global Body Art White Face Paint - Standard White
Chameleon Baseline Strong Black
Loew Cornell Round No.5 Brush
Loew Cornell Round No.1 Brush
Cameleon #2 Angle Brush (3/4")
TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes - 4 Color Dragon
TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes - Snake
Global Body Art Yellow - Neon Yellow
BAM Mini Stencils Gradient - 1206
Amerikan Body Art Pixie Paint Glitter Gel - Lucky Star
Self Adhesive Rhinestone Face Blings

#3. Pumpkin Princess Face Paint Design

Every Halloween, pumpkins usually take center stage. But, not everything should be spooky and scary. Like the Pumpkin Princess design by Kiki and Camilla, can be cute and elegant.

Products Used in The Video :

Global Body Art Fun Stroke Split Cake - Hobart (30 gm)
PartyXplosion White Aqua Face Paint - White
Kryolan #10 Flat Brush (3/8")
Kryolan #5 Round Brush (1/8")

 #4. Freehand Glitter Pumpkin Tattoo

It’s sparkling time! I created a freehand glitter tattoo arm design for the Halloween season. I chose this design because it’s a great step by step and there are only 3 main points in a pumpkin. The colors are black, orange, and a little highlight color. These glitter tattoos can last up 2-5 days using the correct adhesive to apply. Before you go ahead and use an adhesive, make sure that it's safe for the skin! 

Step 1: Use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to wipe away any dirt or oils on the skin. We want the area as clean as possible. I traced my outline of the pumpkin, candy corn, and spiderweb with black face paint using a size 1 round brush. This is the outline of your design. 

Freehand Pumpkin Glitter Tattoo

Step 2: I got a old paint brush that was okay to be thrown away. To apply my adhesive, I went along and traced the outline of my design. I also finished the web with the glue, and I let that dry until the adhesive becomes clear.

Freehand Glitter Pumpkin Tattoo

Step 3: Time to apply the GLITTER! Yay! Okay so I used a small eye shadow brush to apply the glitter. Little by little, I packed on the glitter and swiped the glitter away.

Be sure to apply black glitter first. You will do this on the outline of your design. Apply silver glitter second, and do this onto the highlights of your design (the white paint). Lastly, you'll apply orange glitter, and this will go over your base.

Freehand Glitter Pumpkin Tattoo

Step 4: As you go through each step, make sure that the glue has dried and settled, before you're ready to move on to the next step. Then, use a large brush to brush off the excess glitter. Make sure you do this over a large surface that can easily be cleaned up, such as a table covered with paper towel.

Freehand Glitter Pumpkin Tattoo

Materials Used:

Pros Aide Adhesive
Round Brush
Eye Shadow Brush