Quick and Easy One-Stroke Bat Crown by Annabel Hoogeveen


Halloween is probably my least favorite time of the year as a face painter, because I really don't like to paint very scary designs. And because I know I am not the only one, I tried to come up with a sweet and girly Bat-design for this weeks blog. An on-the-job design that can be done in just a few minutes.



Cameleon Capulete

PartyXplosion Pearl White

Kryolan 'Youth Red' blush

Arty Brush cake 'Fairy Blossom' (Nat's Gold Collection)

Fab Berry Shimmer

FAB Crystal Jubilee

PartyXplosion Black

American Pixie Paint 'Purple Rain'

Paradise loose glitter 'Lavender'

Angle brush 1/2#, short bristles (


Loew-Cornell round brush nr. 2

HAS stencil 3005

Stencil with irregular dots


Ad Gem


Sponge dauber


Step 1: Background colors

Using a sponge paint the forehead and outer parts of the eyelids with a pink shimmer (Cameleon Capulate) and the inner parts of the eyelids with a pearly white (PartyXplosion Pearl White). Next add a little bit of blush (Kryolan Youth Red) to give your model healthy, rosy cheeks.


Step 2: Painting the one-stroke bat-crown

Using a 1/2# short-bristled angle brush and the arty brush cake 'Fairy Blossom' paint the outlines of the bat-crown (an upside down bat), keeping the black on the outside. Fill in the open areas with the lightest side of the brush. Try to paint the head of the bat in the central focal point. 


Step 3: Adding texture to the background and bat

Use a stencil with a nice background pattern, a sponge dauber and FAB Berry Shimmer to create some texture on the forehead. Do the same with the bat-crown, using HAS 3005 and FAB Crystal Jubilee.


Step 4: Outlining and adding some details

With a round brush nr. 2 and regular black paint give your bat a face and add some little bat shapes in the background. If you have time, add a crisp black outline on your bat-crown.


Step 5: Adding gems, glitter and glitter gel

Attach the gems on the body of the bat and between the paws with an adhesive. Add purple glitter gel on the cheeks and when your model loves glitter (mine did) add some more glitter on the eyes. If you want to have a bit of black on the cheeks too, you can add a few stars and dots, using regular black paint and a round brush nr. 2.


Step 6: Lipstick and even more glitter!

Paint the lips with Berry Shimmer, using a lipgloss applicator. And, if your models likes even more glitter, add some lavender glitter on the bottom lip.


Additional info:

Focal points (FP's) play an important role in creating a balanced design. It doesn't have to be perfect or elaborate to be beautiful. Just keep the focal points in mind. In this design I used the central FP for the placement of the head of the bat, the top FP for the direction of the tips of the wings and the cheek FP's for applying the glitter gel. I also tried to fit in a kind of 45 degree angle to make it look more harmonious and elegant.


Annabel Hoogeveen is the owner and founder of 'Blije-Snoetjes Kinderschmink', a Facepainting company and school in the Netherlands. She is painting for about 10 years and is passionate about teaching others how to facepaint, 'because the more face painters there are, the more kids we can make happy'.

Annabel likes colorful and easy 'on-the-job' designs. But, as a former vet, she also has a passion for painting realistic 3D animals.

She is an instructor at Olga Murasev's International Face Painting School (, has written several Facepainting blogs and recently won the 'Black Panther' competition here at

You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages.