Easy Mardi Gras Mask Tutorial

This fast and easy Mardi Gras face paint mask is great for long lines on the job as well as for beginners!


TAG pearl white
TAG pearl green
TAG pearl lilac
Global purple or TAG pearl purple
White face paint
BAM stencil with swirls
#4 round brush
1/2-inch flat or filbert brush
Cosmetic glitter
Gold liquid bling


Begin by loading your 1/2-inch flat or filbert brush with TAG pearl white and create the entire mask shape around the eyes. After the basic mask is in place, reload your brush, this time with TAG pearl lilac or TAG pearl purple and blend it in from the outer corners of the mask. (It’s complementary to the face to have the lighter colors on the inside of the mask and the darker colors on the outer edges.) If you choose to add glitter to the mask, now is a good time to add it while your paint is still slightly damp.

Load your #4 or #5 round brush with TAG pearl green and create several teardrops on the top of the mask on one side. On the opposite side, also add teardrops along the lower edge of the mask with the same color.

Outline the mask and eyes with TAG pearl purple and your #4 round brush. You could also substitute a different brand for this as long as it’s a deep purple which will contrast with the lighter mask interior.

Load your sponge with the same purple you used for the outline of your mask. While holding a stencil in place, carefully sponge over the mask. If you go over your lines a little, use a wipe wrapped around your fingertip to clean up the edges.

Finally, add a liquid bling outline with gold liquid bling. While my model wasn’t a fan of glitter, she allowed me to do this, and for this mask, which looks somewhat plain without it, it’s an important step to give it the glamorous look that is associated with Mardi Gras. If you’d like, you can also add delicate white starbursts and dots here and there with the tip of your #4 round brush to complete the look.

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary artist for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. Stop by to see other face painting tutorials by Beth. 

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