Top 6 Dragon Face Paint Designs & Video Tutorials

Boys love having dragons and other mythical creatures painted on them and the dragon is one of the most requested of these mythical creatures. Check out some of our best and most popular dragon face paint designs below!

Top Dragon Face Paint Designs

#1. Shenron The Dragon Ball "Dragon God" by Annabel Hoogeveen

Shenron is a magical, wish-granting Dragon in the very popular Dragon Ball manga series. He has always been called upon by the Dragon Team in times of peril, in the hopes of using his powers to fix the damage done to the planet or people by the villains. But he will only appear if all seven 'Dragon Balls' are gathered.

For this design I used a few characteristic elements: Shenron, the seven Dragon Balls and some Japanese looking characters.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 1: Composition

Using a 1/2 inch angle-brush and a green split cake I painted the green part of Shenron's body and the base of his head with the small 'horns' on one side of the face. Next I painted the seven Dragon balls on the other side, slightly overlapping and increasing in size towards the cheek. For this I used two different sized stencil brushes and a yellow split cake. I tried to make a nice flowing composition with Shenron looking at the largest Dragon Ball.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 2: Adding More Colors

For Shenron's 'belly' I mixed the yellow from the split cake with some Mehron white to make it a bit lighter. With a #4 round brush I then added a light yellow line next to the green on his body and underneath his head. With the same brush I painted some highlights on the right sides of the Dragon balls to create more depth.

Next I painted the 'wooden' horns using the same brush (#4) and two colors from a brown split cake and the red stripe and eyes using a #2 round brush.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 3: Adding Texture, Stars and 'Sideburns'

Using the different stencils I added the dragon 'skin' on the green parts of Shenron and the stars on the Dragon Balls: one star on the first, two on the second, three on the third etc.., making them smaller and less clear gradually. With a #2 round brush I then added the 'sideburns' on the Shenron's cheeks.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 4: Outlining

Using a chisel brush and a baby wipe I pulled some color from the (bottom of the) dragon and the smallest Dragon Ball to create a softer transition. Next I gave most of the design a simple outline with some black and a #2 round brush. Shenron's belly I 'divided' in parts. I didn't outline the 'sideburns', but added some short black lines at the base for more dimension.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 5: Adding the 'Japanese' Signs, Highlights and Some Shadow

To tie the design together I painted some Japanese looking signs on the left and right side with a #4 round brush. Again trying to achieve a nice flow. Next I tried to create some depth by adding a bit of a shadow between the horns and eyes and also between the Dragon Balls with black star blend powder and a blending brush. The final step was adding a few small highlights with white and a #2 round brush.


TAG 1-Stroke Leaf White
Arty Brush cake 'Teddy Bear'
Global palette 'Hero Power' (the yellow split cake)

Mehron White
Mehron Beach Berry
PartyXplosion White
PartyXplosion Black
Mehron Strahlend Black
1/2 inch angle brush, short bristles (

Loew-Cornell #1 round brush
Loew-Cornell #2 round brush
Loew Cornell #4 round brush
Cameleon Blending Brush
Mark Reid Chisel Brush 
Stencil Brushes different sizes
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Stars 
Badass Small Scale Stencil (I used a free gift stencil - not for sale)

#2. Charming Baby Dragon by Marina

Today we will learn how to draw a charming baby dragon. This design is especially interesting because the child's eye is also the eye of the dragon, animating the drawing.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 1

Create an outline of your dragon. I used the blue color TAG in the shade of Light Blue for the main color of the sketch; the horns and claws are highlighted with Cameleon Baseline Pure White, so they don't get mixed into the body.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 2

For this design, I wanted to use a one stroke to create a bit more depth to my design. I used the TAG Split Cake "Freshness" for this with a wide flat brush. We use only three colors of cake - white, turquoise and purple. Small details are left blank, the next step we will fill them with a different color.

Step 3

Then fill the rest of the shape with a color. For the lower part of the head use - TAG purple. Above the eye and on the neck use the other colors of arty cake-green and white with a flat brush.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 4

For the horns and fangs and claws I use #4 Round Brush Loew-Cornell and Cameleon White. I find it is the most opaque white paint that does not need a double stroke

Face Paint Design

Step 5

Next, create a shadow in the face, on the neck and tail, wrap the legs with a #2 Round Brush and Cameleon Baseline Strong Black. This gives the depth of the image, making the dragon look like a real, living creature.

Step 6

Next step use Black paint and the BAM Stencil Reptile for the dragon's body and White paint with BAM Stencil Gradient for forehead. I used a high density sponge for the stencil work. They are nice a firm and work well for stencils. Be careful that your paint is not too wet on the sponge or it will bleed. 

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 7

The final stage is the drawing of the contour a #1 round brush using Black paint and adding White highlights to the area of three-dimensional parts of the body. In this case, the black color is mixed to the consistency of the mascara, for thinner and smoother lines. 

On the hair and forehead add bright Shine American Body Art "Abracadabra", it looks gorgeous in the sun and adorns any design, 
the girls are just delighted!

Products used for this design:

TAG Split Cake "Freshness"
TAG Light Blue
TAG Purple
Chameleon Baseline Strong Black
Cameleon Baseline Pure White
Loew Cornell Round No.4 Brush
Loew Cornell Round No.1 Brush
BAM Mini Stencils Reptile - 1004
BAM Mini Stencils Gradient - 1206
American Body Art Pixie Paint  "Abracadabra"

#3. Cute Dragon Design by Belén te Pinta

This dragon design follows the usual structure of the winged pony designs, trying to be cute and girly, but it can be easily changed into a boyish one with just a few changes.

Step 1

With a number one brush draw the outline of a cute dragon face and the shape of the wings.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 2

Fill in with a filbert brush the inner part of the wings and with a number six round paint the dragon face, horns and the outer part of the wings.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 3

Outline the design in black with a number one round brush and paint the centre of the eyes in black too.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 4

Stencil some white spots on the dragon head or draw some subtle spots on it if you don’t have a stencil. Highlight  the upper areas of head and wings with a watery white and draw a couple of white dots on the centre of the eyes to make them pop.

I personally like very much to paint over black outlines again with a damp brush to soften the lines.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 5

Using an angle brush paint some flames coming out of the dragon’s mouth and from the tips of the wings too and outline these flames with white thin lines to give them more movement.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 6

As a final, optional touch we can add some dots and glitter.


Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX White
PartyXplosion Palette
Filbert Brush Number 8
Loew Cornell Round Number 1
Silly farm Paint Pal Swirl number 6
Dragon Skin Stencil
Gold Chunky Glitter

#4. Video Tutorial: Mehron Intense Powder Dragon By Beth

Having ordered some of the new Mehron Intense powder palettes, I’ve been experimenting with them. So far I’ve found I prefer them to the Starblends, primarily because they come in small palettes which are easy to hold while using, but also because they have a wide selection of bright colors and seem less prone to producing excess powder on the person I’m working on. Today’s tutorial will walk you through a simple dragon design using the Mehron Intense powders.


Mehron INtense Pro Palette - Wind and Fire
Wolfe, Cameleon, or Diamond FX White Face Paint
Wolfe, Diamond FX, or Global Black Face Paint
Paradise Red Face Paint
TAG Orange Face Paint
#2 Round Brush
Smoothie Blenders (Large Applicators)

#5. Little Dragon Design by Marina

I'm always on search for boys designs that are fast but have that wow effect. This little guy is really simple and kids love him.

Step 1

For this design I've learned it is best way to first do a sketch of him and then color it. First step for creating this litle dragon will be his eyes.For all the sketching I`m using No1 loew cornel brush,and global black colour.Paint the eyes leaving small gap between.You can leave two dots for white colour or you can paint it black and then go back and put white dots on top(I`m leaving mine not colored so I remember to go back and paint them).

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 2

Between eyes paint a small nose.Then paint down side of a head with curved line that ends right under each eye.Now paint him set of two spikes on each side;as you can see mine are not exactly the same but try to get them in same line to be symmetrical.After that paint ears and connect them.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 3

This dragon has a quite wide neck so paint two short lines on each side,use center of the eye as guideline.Paint two front legs,connect them to create belly.Behind front legs  paint only part of back leg on both sides.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 4

For wings i do curve going up and then shorter curve going down.Draw few lines going from middle of the wing and connect them with curves.Between ears i added two little horns and from them to nose did series circles big to small.Paint highlights in eyes and color of them is optional.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Step 5

Now comes the fun part,you can paint dragon in whatever color kid wants.I`v done them in red/yellow,pink,blue and they all looked great.Even painted one with black Mehron Paradise starblend that`s great to.Ad some white dots diferent sizes on ears and legs.For background this time I`v used brick and fire stencils.And that`s it,I promise you after first try you are gonna see how simple this litle dragon is.

Dragon Face Paint Design

Products Used:

Loew Cornell no1 Brush
Global Black Paint
Global White Paint
BAM Stencil 4001

#6. Easy Dragon Face Paint Video Tutorial by Kiki


This easy dragon face paint design is great for beginners!

Step 1: Use medium brush with white face paint and draw the body, head, tail and wings of the dragon on the cheek.

Step 2: Use dark green face paint and medium brush and color in the body of the dragon except the belly and the wings. With light green face paint, fill in the belly and wings of the dragon. With a small brush, make flames with red face paint and add orange face paint on top of the flames.

Step 3: With a small brush and black face paint, add eyes and lines on the belly and dots on the body. Also outline the inside of the wing. With a small brush and white face paint, highlight the lines on the belly and wing. Add green glitter for effect.

Products Used in the Video

Ruby Red White 100 Face Paint
Ruby Red Black 150 Face Paints
Ruby Red Red Face Paints - Red 250
Ruby Red Green Face Paints - Green 550
Ruby Red Orange 650 Face Paint
Ruby Red Pastel Green 510 Face Paint

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