Easy Camouflage Face Paint Design Tutorial Video by Kiki

Boys love to be painted like a soldier. Sometimes, they even wanted it to look like what they see in the cartoons and movies. 

Kiki is going to show us how to paint an easy camouflage face paint design. 


Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Make 4 or 5 brown face paint splotches on various parts of the face with a large chisel brush.

Step 2: Make green face paint splotches with the same size brush on the face down and around the brown splotches.

Step 3: Using a smaller (medium) brush, fill in the cracks with black face paint. Go over the edges and fill in any exposed areas.

Products Used in the Video

Ruby Red Black 150 Face Paints
Ruby Red Green Face Paints - Green 550
Diamond FX Brown Face Paints - Dark Brown 20

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