Dragons Monthly Challenge

Dragons has been a part of ancient and pop culture. We see them in ancient writings, fiction novels, art, and even in movies. There is just something about these winged-beasts that caught the masses' eye. 

In the face painting world, it's no different. A dragon mask is a go-to design especially to boys who love reptiles, medieval knight stories, and dragon movies like How to Train Your Dragon

So, we thought that it's a good theme to run a contest on to cater face painters' creative take on the mythical monster. 

The Dragon Moon

"I  wanted to transmit the feeling of the night, the magic of this fantasy creature."

When we asked the winner what her inspiration is for her dragon look, she answered the line above. This shows the wide range of creative interpretation artists have in various themes and subjects. In this case, the winner chose to combine what night makes her feel and the magic a dragon emits.

That showed in her final look which also caught our judge's attention.

The Artist Behind the Design

Anna Chapovalov is a professional face and body painter. She started face painting for fun way back in 2015 and has since then worked as a face and body painter full-time.

You can find her works in her website,,and social media pages,

Here are some of her amazing works. 

Below is her entry in the World Bodypaint Festival in Austria this July where she placed 4th!

Contest Entries