Dolphin Mask By Kellie Burrus

Dolphins are gender neutral and a big favorite for so many children when it comes to face painting. This dolphin mask incorporates a soft, golden sunset as well, which is another popular choice in the summer months.


Materials used:

-Silly Farm Pink Lemonade Rainbow Cake (sub India Rainbow Cake)

-Global Fun Stroke, Melbourne

-Silly Farm Unicorn Rainbow Cake (sub India Rainbow Cake)

-Global Black

-Global White

-Paint Pal Big Drop Brush

-Paint pal Swirl #6 brush

-Lowe Cornell #4 Round

-Global Dark Blue

-Mama Clown Fairy Dust

-American Painter 1” angled brush (sub Cameleon 7/8" Angle)

-Wicked Half Round Sponge


Step 1: Load sponge with Cameron Garrets Pink Lemonade Rainbow cake. Sponge the Rainbow across the forehead making sure that the purple color is facing down between brows and lighter color is facing up.

Step 2: Use Global Fun Stroke Melbourne and American Painter 1" angled brush to create dolphins jumping up from the outer corners of the eyes and almost meeting in the middle of the forehead. Use the same Global Fun stroke and load the edge of your sponge. Sponge the color across the eyelids, keeping the white color at the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 3: Using Global White, and a number 6 round brush, add some double dipped tear drops with Global Blue. Add tear drops between the brows, on the outer corners and under eyes. Add white dots. Also use your white to add the white underbelly of the dolphin, the dolphins eyes, and to add some highlights on the dolphin.

Step 4: Use a filbert brush and orange and pink part of the Unicorn Rainbow Cake to create a flower between the dolphins. Add Mama Clown Fairy Dust (white/opal glitter) to the flower.

Step 5: Use a number 1 round brush and dark global blue to outline and the eyes, flowers, dolphin and tear drops. Then you're done!