Dancing Groot Cheek Art by Marina

Most fun designs are those that kids can "play with".This dancing Groot is definitely one of those!

Groot is fictional character that is heroic, noble and super cute. All that makes him one of the favorite superheros for lots of children. Groot has become a pop culture icon,with his repeated line "I am Groot" becoming an Internet meme.


Step 1

Groot is one of those designs that you will love, because of simplicity of the design and his cute little face that always brings smile on kids faces. With a Flat 3/4 Brush and two shades of brown paint from Paradise Prisma Cake - Furry)m I created the basic shape of the design.


Step 2

I used same 3/4 flat brush and Silly Farm cake - Shadow (any cake with black, grey and white will do) to paint his little pot. With dark brown I've outlined the dancing Groot head.


Step 3

When we are painting his eyes, keep in mind that they are pretty low on his face and they have a big gap between them. Add black lines to Groots body creating effect of twisted roots. Put some highlights with white paint on the eyes and the pot too! A few small, green leaves painted with round No2 brush will give him even more cuteness.


Step 4

Only thing that our Dancing Groot is missing are arms. With a small filbert brush paint two brown lines for his hands. Then use a round No1 brush and black to create roots texture on his arms.


Step 5

Shading is important when you wanna give your design that dimensional effect. As always I'm using black Starblend and a blending brush for shading. Now that we painted our dancing Groot, it is time to show the kids how good he can dance by just moving your face left-right!


Products used:

Paradise Prisma Cake Furry

Brushes: Flat 3/4, Round No1 and No2

Sillyfarm Arty Brush Cake Shadow

Diamond FX Dark Brown, Black, White, Green

Mehron Starblend Black

Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!