Cyborg Face Paint Tutorial

Cyborg Face Paint

I’ve been wanting to do a cyborg/robot look for a while now, so here it finally is! I hope you enjoy following along with this tutorial; make sure to improvise or add in elements as you see fit so that this design really becomes your own.

Step 1

The first step is to take your white face paint and cover your entire face, neck, and chest and try to make it as even as possible. If you want super even coverage, use a white powder on top. I know it looks super creepy at this point, but just keep going and trust that it won’t turn out as spooky looking!

Step 2

It is still looking pretty creepy at this point, but at least the cyborg is starting to take form. Use your black face paint to create a boxy hairline that goes down to outline the jawline. Then, create a thick black rectangle that goes down your neck from the bottom of the chin to where your collar bones meet. The rest of the lines on the neck and chest were pretty random and unplanned, so just put them wherever you think looks best. The neck and chest painting is pretty simplistic in this design, so if you want a more detailed look, make sure to look up images of illustrations and modelings of cyborgs for inspiration.

I have dark brown (almost black) so the black paint blends in well, but if you have light colored hair, you may want to put on a black cap or wig to tie everything together.

Step 3

Time to add some color to this design. I used blue, but you can use any color that you would like. First, use a circular shaped dauber sponge to create the circles on the forehead and chest. Then, use the same color as a lipstick and eyebrow pigment. If you have a difficult time drawing on eyebrows, consider getting eyebrow stencils like the ones made by BAM.  Use a black powder or paint on the outer edges of the lips and eyebrows to create more interest in the design (make sure to blend out well).

Step 4

Next, you will take your blue powder and a makeup brush to add some glowing blue edges to the design. Make sure to blend the color around the eyes, the contour of your nose, and the existing black edges.

Step 5

Yay! This is the point where your design really starts coming together because of all of the details of the face. First, use your blue color to paint on a little plate on the chin (this was an unplanned add-on because the face was looking a bit plain). Then, use a thin brush loaded with black to outline the new chin plate. Don’t clean off that thin brush yet because you still need to add eyeliner (I did a cat eye, but you can do whatever type of eyeliner you are comfortable with. Also, add  lines that connect across the face. You can see how I did the lines in the picture, or you can do your own version if you would like. Just make sure that both sides of the face are symmetrical to create that “mechanical” type of look.

Step 6

In this step, you will need a thin brush loaded with white paint to create a power symbol in the blue circle on the forehead. You can do the same symbol on the chest as well. With the remaining paint on the brush, paint horizontal lines that go down the black shape on the neck. At this time, you may also add in some highlights with white paint (I switched to Wolfe for this part because it is a more vibrant white than the Paradise white that was used for the base) or highly pigmented white powder on the high points of the face (brow bones, nose, collar bones, inside corners of the eye). I also added fake eyelashes at this point to make the look a little bit more dramatic.

Step 7

If you want to add a little more color to this look, then follow this step. Use your red face paint on a thin brush to create wires that connect the different “plates” on your face, At the ends of the wires, use a little bit of black powder or paint to make the illusion of holes.

That is it! I hope you liked this look. Have fun and happy painting!


Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ White
Wolfe Black 
Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Lagoon Blue
Mehron Starblend Black
Ben Nye Blue Pressed Powder Pigment
Wolfe White
Fake Eyelashes
Mehron Paradise AQ Beach Berry Red