Cute Tiger Mask Pictorial

Final Tiger Design

In this post, I am going to walk you through the creation of this cute tiger mask! This design can be simplified by leaving out the last couple of steps. The simplified version is great for parties and events and the full version is great for your Instagram or Facebook page. I just love creating these little face designs so I hope you enjoy it too!


Tiger Face Paint Step 1

Step 1 - Create Your Base

The first step is to lay down your base colors. Grab your orange paint (I used the color "Nuance Foxy" listed above) and sponge down the color all around the eye area from the bottom of the nose to the middle of the forehead. Then, use a brush to create ear shapes on the forehead. I created little wisps of hair on the ears using the brush as well. Then, use another large brush (or sponge if you are more comfortable with that) to paint on the muzzle with white paint. Try to get the muzzle as round and symmetrical as you can.

Tiger Face Paint Step 2

Step 2 - Create Dimension

I didn't want the design to look too flat and boring, so I put a little yellow on the sponge that I used for the base and blended it in on the middle of the design to create a little bit more visual interest.  

Tiger Face Paint Step 3

Step 3 - Cat Eye

This is probably the hardest part of the design. If you are painting this design at a party or event, you may want to simplify this step or skip it completely. First, I loaded a medium size brush with white paint and colored my entire eyelid and bottom lash line. Make sure these white lines are thick and exaggerated. Then, I used a thin brush loaded with black paint to line my eyes. The black should be thin and line the entire eye. Make sure to create an exaggerated wing on both corners of the eye. 

Tiger Face Paint Step 4

Step 4 - Mouth, Nose, Ears

Use your light pink paint and a medium size brush to create an oval nose on the top of the muzzle and a "U" shaped mouth on the model's nose. Also, fill in the ear area with pink.

Tiger Face Paint Step 5

Step 5 - Grab Your Black Paint! 

Next, you are going to load your favorite round brush (I used a #3) with black to create all of the important elements of this tiger design. First, outline the entire design. Make sure not to forget the outline of the pink inner ear or the muzzle. Also create thick black lines above the eyes for eyebrows. Make sure to not make the tiger look mad by creating eyebrows that face downward! During this step, you will also want to paint in the stripes! I use a "wiggle and flick" technique for the stripes. Make sure to put a lot of pressure on the brush as you begin the stripe at the edge of the design, and then as you move toward the middle, wiggle the brush and then flick out at the end to create the perfect stripes every time. 

Tiger Face Paint Step 6

Step 6 - Shadows

You may want to skip this step if you are painting at an event. Use your black Starblend powder to create shadows and soften edges. Lightly dust the powder on the pink inner ear and blend outwards. Also apply powder on the outside edges of the tiger head as well as on the muzzle lines and in the nose and mouth. 

Final Tiger Design

Step 7 - Final Details

Finally, add some highlights on the design! I put the highlights on the top of the nose, and on the outside edges of the head. I also added a little tongue at this stage using dark pink. 

I hope you liked this design! Feel free to mix up this design and make it your own by changing the colors, adding bling, or by adding your own little details! Happy painting :)