Cute Lion Pictorial


This lion mask is super cute and sure to be a favorite at your next event! In this pictorial, you will learn the quick version of this lion design as well as some additional steps you can take to make this design extra fun and eye catching!

Pale/Sandy Yellow
Mehron Paradise AQ Nuance Foxy
Mehron Paradise AQ Yellow
Tag Pearl Gold
Wolfe Skinz Fair
Mehron Paradise AQ Light Pink
Wolfe Black
Split cake of your choice
Wolfe White


Step 1

The first step is to create the general solid shapes. First, use a pale yellow paint (I mixed some yellow with Wolfe White and Mehron Paradise AQ Light Brown because I didn’t have a sandy yellow) and sponge the color around the upper half of the face from the bottom of the nose to the middle of the forehead. Then use yellow to create a crown shape on the forehead. The crown does not have to look perfect because you can clean up the edges with the Nuance Foxy (or rust color of your choice) that is used to create the mane. I used a thick brush to quickly slap on the mane, but I was careful to create the shape of the ears and clean up the crown as well.


Step 2

The next step is to start adding some detail to the inside of the face. To create the muzzle, use Wolfe Skinz Fair or a light beige color of your choice to create an oval shape across the nose. Then, add a small pink nose slightly below the bottom of the eyes.


Step 3

The next step is to add the eye, ear, and crown details. Use the Wolfe Skinz Fair color and lightly sponge the paint on and above the eyelid. Then, use black paint to create thick teardrop-like shapes for the eyebrows. Then use your pink paint to create the inside of the ears.

For the crown, I added a layer of gold paint on top of the yellow to create a shimmery effect, but this is a completely optional step. Then, I applied the jewel using a paint dauber loaded with the colors from a split cake. Make sure the split cake has white it it to create a realistic light reflecting illusion.


Step 4

This step ties the entire design together. Use a thin brush loaded with black to outline everything. Use light, wispy strokes to add interest to the design. This is also when you add the little mouth shape. I have found that the best way to create the mouth is to create a J shape coming down from the nose and then add a curve to the other side of the J. If you are in a hurry, stop here. But if you have some time, add the open mouth shape and create the tongue using your pink paint.


Step 5 – Optional 

This step is completely optional, but it adds a little more interest to the design. First, use pink to add little ovals on the cheeks to create a blushing effect. Then, use a black powder to create shadows in the areas such as within the ears and on the undersides of the tufts of hair. Finally, load a thin brush with white to create highlights on the nose, crown, jewel, and tops of the tufts of hair. You can also add a starburst on the crown.

I hope you found this pictorial helpful! Happy painting!