Cute Hello Kitty Face Paint Design by Annabel Hoogeveen

Every girl loves Hello Kitty, right? Especially when painted with lots of pink and glitter 😃!

In this tutorial I will show you a how to face paint a Hello Kitty design. With bright colors and easy brush strokes....perfect for on-the-job 🙂! Follow along with this cute Hello Kitty face paint design and create your own!

Supplies Used:

Global Funstroke 'Paris'
PartyXplosion White
PartyXplosion Black
PartyXplosion Pearl White
Paradise White
Superstar 'Yellow' no. 144
Superstar 'Lavender Shimmer' no. 138
Superstar 'Majestic Magenta'
Paradise Light Blue
Paradise Light Pink
Paradise Dark Pink
American Painter 1/2# Flat Brush
Silly Farm Paint Pal 'Little Drop' Filbert Brush
Loew-Cornell Round Brush #3
Loew-Cornell Round Brush #2
Regular Sponge

Sponge Dauber 
Lip Gloss Applicator
Paradise Glitter 'Fuchsia'

Mama Clown Glitter 'Sunburst Sky'
Stencil OOH! C02 (hearts)
Stencil OOH! C01 (stars)
Kryolan 'Youth' Red Blush


Step 1: Sketching the Outlines

I started this design with a quick sketch of the top part to find the proper placement. Especially with new designs (that I haven't tried on a real face yet), I like to 'search' for the right placement and proportions with a sketch.

For the sketch I used a glycerin based white in a watery consistency and a small round brush (#3).


Step 2: Adding the Base Colors

Using my flat brush loaded with glycerin white paint, I painted the face and 'hands' of Hello Kitty, leaving some empty space for the bow.

Next I loaded a regular sponge (on the curved side) with pearl white, light pink and dark pink and filled the triangular shape above the eye, keeping the lightest color on the inside.

For the stars and nose I then loaded a small chisel brush with bright yellow paint. And added some yellow glitter on top of the stars, whilst the paint was still moist.

And finally I added a little bit of light blue on top of the white to add a little bit of dimension to Hello Kitty's face.

Step 3: Adding a Bright Pink One-Stroke

To make the design a little bit brighter I loaded my 1/2# flat brush with a bright pink split cake and painted the heart, the little bow and the outline of the triangular parts above the eyes. Because I used a rather narrow flat brush, I painted two strokes next to each other for the outline.

Step 4: Stencils and More Glitter!

To add some interest and texture to this relatively simple design I used two different stencil patterns and some glitter.

First I loaded a sponge dauber with regular white paint and painted some stars, in a nice curve, on both sides of the big yellow star.

Next I loaded another dauber with dark purple and used the heart stencil to paint  some small hearts on the tips of the triangles above the eyes and one big heart on top of the already painted heart in the center. Before removing the stencil I added pink glitter on top of the hearts.

Step 5: Black Outlines

For the outlines and eyes I used a round brush #3, loaded with regular (paraffine) black paint. If you are more 'heavy-handed' you can of course use a smaller brush.

Step 6: Finishing Touches: Whiskers, Highlights and Lipstick!!

Almost ready!

For the finishing touch I added some highlights with regular white paint, and a small round brush. Then I used a lipgloss applicator loaded with pink to color the lips. Immediately followed by the same pink glitter I used earlier on top of the hearts.

And last but not least, I painted the black whiskers, which I had forgotten in the earlier step 😁.

All done!

Hello Kitty Face Paint Design

Additional Info:

This design is not very difficult or elaborate, but still well thought of 🙂! It uses a lot of placement and composition 'rules', e.g. the focal point theory (green and blue circle), flow and the 45 degree angle. Once you get used to working with these rules you wil see that most of your designs will look much more pleasing to the eye.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. And if you try it, please tag me!

I love to see your versions 😃!


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Annabel Hoogeveen is the owner and founder of 'Blije-Snoetjes Kinderschmink', a Facepainting company and school in the Netherlands. She is painting for about 10 years and is passionate about teaching others how to facepaint, 'because the more face painters there are, the more kids we can make happy'.

Annabel likes colorful and easy 'on-the-job' designs. But, as a former vet, she also has a passion for painting realistic 3D animals.

She is an instructor at Olga Murasev's International Face Painting School (, has written several Facepainting blogs and recently won the 'Black Panther' competition here at She is a cover artist for Wet Paint Magazine and is one of the twelve instructors participating in the 1st online Face Painting Summit that will take place in November 2019.

You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages.