Cute Bee Face Paint Design for Kids by Marina

I don't know about you, but in my case, little girls always want to have more detailed designs that contain lots of color and glitter.That can be challenging because when you are on the job you can't always take the time to do all of those things.

So here are few things that I do! I always choose cartooned versions of the design. Don't paint too small, because this will make it impossible to paint the eyes and other smaller things on the design. The forehead or cheek is the best place because you have larger area to place your design. So with all this said let's start to paint our cute bee face paint design.

Step 1 - Placement and Base

We decided that our bee is going be on the forehead.With a large filbert brush and Kraze FX yellow, paint the basic shape of the bee face paint design. Don't worry about small parts like fingers,they are not in focus of the design.

Step 2 - Adding Wings

I'm using the same filbert brush and Tardis Split Cake  for painting wings.Those wings are just teardrops and super simple to paint with one stroke of the brush. Using a wet wipe, remove some of that yellow where the eyes will go.

Step 3 - Creating a Face and Lining

Paint big eyes with round brush No.3 and Kraze FX white and black. Add lashes if you are painting on a girl, a simple smiling mouth, a cute rounded nose and that's it for the bee's face.I'm lining our bee design with Kraze FX Brown and round brush No.1 because it is more forgiving if you don't make perfect lines - and on smaller kids, a perfect line is almost impossible,right?! At this point my model decided that she wants her bee to have a pink wand and a crown so we chose Kraze FX Coral Pink and added the wand.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Next step is adding the crown, mixing Kraze FX Orange and Gold and using round brush No.3 paint the simple crown, and add white dots on top.Our bee is over with painting her antennas and lining the wand with Kraze FX Black and round brush No.1.

Step 5 - OPTIONAL - Adding Details Around Design

If I have the time, I like to add some shading to the design with Mehron StarBlend black and a few details with GraffitiEyes Ultimate kit. I'm using a finger dauber and grabbing Kraze FX Yellow on one side and Kraze FX Brown on the other side of the dauber. With this, our bee face paint design is complete.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will try this design and love it as much as I do. If you paint any of our blog designs please tag us so we can see it.

Supplies Used:

Kraze FX White and Black
Kraze FX Yellow
Tardis Split Cake 
Kraze FX Orange and Gold
Kraze FX Brown
Mehron StarBlend Black


Large Filbert Brush
Round Brush No.1
Prima Barton Round Brush No.3
Finger Dauber
GraffitiEyes Ultimate Kit

Bee Face Paint Design by Marina


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