Creepy Broken Doll Face Paint Design by Francesca Marchitelli

When I was little my mother used to tell me a story about a creepy doll that haunted her owners every night, so I imagined the doll to look somewhat like this broken doll makeup design. So if you're looking for a cute and creepy broken doll face paint design, here's an easy tutorial!

Broken Doll Face Paint Design

Step 1

Always start makeup on a clean face, go first with a primer to hold the base and only then apply a concealer so that you can conceal any blemishes, spots, zits or dark circle marks around the eyes in a proper manner. Take a one tone lighter foundation on your face and neck. Feel free to apply foundation makeup a little thicker than you would normally, as the doll look features a porcelain or plastic face that is unlike natural skin. Use a pink hued blush  at the base of your cheeks using a blush brush or your fingers. Keep the blush purposely heavy, or in a distinct circle shape, for a more dramatic doll look. Add a highlighter to the top outer edge of your cheekbones to make them more rounded and full-looking.

Step 2

Use a white eyeliner  and apply it on your waterline and a bit below to make your eyes look much bigger. Outline the bottom edge with the black eyeliner. For the eyebrows, use a violet shadow and create a hairlike effect along your brows with the help of an angle brush.

Step 3

Apply a purple eyeshadow to your crease and below the waterline black line drawn before, using a fluffy blending brush. Apply a blue eyeshadow, focusing the color just on the outer corners and extend it past your crease for a smoky effect. Once that's done, drag the black eyeliner across your upper lash line and give it a nice flick on the corner. Accurately, draw the lower lashes above the black line and complete your eye look with a heavy coat of mascara or false eyelashes for a more dramatic look and a purple lip color.

Step 4

To create the broken doll cracks, use Cameleon Baseline Black and a thin brush. Start drawing little squiggly lines on your forehead. Its good to think of a spot where the crack will originate from and start drawing lines spreading from it. If you don't want the crack to look too deep then you can use a grey face paint instead. The crack on the side of your cheek is going to be missing a chunk, so paint a small triangle and then draw coming out the edges. To make your cracks look more realistic, apply a white or a gold eyeliner on the sides of the black lines.

Products Used:

Cameleon Face Paint in Baseline Black Velvet 
Mehron Paradise Detailz Face Paint in White
Mehron Paradise Detailz Face Paint in Black
Ben Nye Dry Powder Rouge in Misty Pink

Broken Doll Face Paint Design


Francesca Marchietelli is a professional face painter from Italy. A self-taught artist, Francesca loves the arts, and everything to do with face painting!

Follow her on Instagram to see more of her amazing work!