Pantone Color of 2019: Coral Flamingo by Kellie Burrus

The Pantone color of the year 2019 is “living coral.” According to, living coral is “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” I immediately thought of coral colored Flamingos and decided to create a design using the Pantone color of the year.


Step 1: I couldn’t find an exact coral color combo in my kit, so I combined the Mexico Fun Stroke in the Global Fun Strokes Pallet with a soft pink rainbow cake that I had. First I loaded my angled brush with the pink rainbow cake and then I went over only the red, orange and yellow parts of the Mexico Fun stroke. I repeated these steps until the coral color I liked began to show. Then, using my angled 3/4 brush I created the shape of the Flamingo over and around my eye.


Step 2: At this step I added some of the surrounding parts of the design. I loaded a round brushwith the coral color I had mixed and some white to create the base for the Flamingos beak. I also used my coral split blend to create a rose under my eye. And lastly in this step, I loaded a large petal brush with white and dipped the tip into the more red part of my coral to create double dipped flowers around the rose and on top of the back of the flamingo.


Step 3: In step three I loaded my 3/4 angled brush with a lighter green fun stroke to create fern type foliage around the top double dipped flower and using that same brush with a darker toned green fun stroke to create leaves around the bottom flowers. 


Step 4:  In this step I loaded a round brush with the deeper color tone and used tear drops to create feathers outside of the outer corner of my eye for the Flamingos body. I also added black to the tip of the Flamingos beak. For the last part of the is step I loaded a round brush with white and added more teardrops, dots and highlights where needed.


Step 5: In the 5th and final step I loaded a small round brush with black and lightly outlined the Flamingo where it is in shadow. I also outlined the undersides of the flowers, tear drops, dots and the Flamingos eye. Finally, I used that same loaded brush to paint wispy black lines around and coming from the ferns and flowers. And for the final picture I stepped into more natural light so that the soft colors would show more truly. 


Materials Used: 

Silly Farm Paint Pal Pretty Petal Brush (3/16")

Loew-Cornell® American Painter™ Short Angle Brush 3/4"

Loew-Cornell® American Painter™ Short Angle Brush 3/8"

 Silly Farm Paint Pal Luxe Swirl Brushes - #4

Loew-Cornell® Gold Grip #2 Round Brush (3/32")

Kryvaline Creamy Line Split Cake - Bright Rose-1.4 oz/40 gm

Global Body Art Rainbow Explosion Fun Stroke Palette (12/colors 10 gm)


Kellie Burrus is an all around artist who has been painting skin for six years now. She is the owner and operator of her company, Fabulous Faces by Kellie LLC, based in Long Island, New York.

Since her journey into face and body art Kellie has won several face painting contests and has been featured in face and body painting magazines.

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