Video Tutorial: Mehron Intense Powder Dragon



Having ordered some of the new Mehron Intense powder palettes, I’ve been experimenting with them. So far I’ve found I prefer them to the Starblends, primarily because they come in small palettes which are easy to hold while using, but also because they have a wide selection of bright colors and seem less prone to producing excess powder on the person I’m working on. Today’s tutorial will walk you through a simple dragon design using the Mehron Intense powders.


Mehron INtense Pro Palette - Wind and Fire
Wolfe, Cameleon, or Diamond FX White Face Paint
Wolfe, Diamond FX, or Global Black Face Paint
Paradise Red Face Paint
TAG Orange Face Paint
#2 Round Brush
Smoothie Blenders (Large Applicators)

Dry makeups such as StarBlend, Mehron INtense Pro, Ben Nye Lumiere are particularly good for use in hot, humid weather when you don’t want paint to be reactivated by perspiration and become smeary. While your outlines are still created with liquid face paints, the base tends to remain more stable under humid conditions.

If you’ve purchased Mehron INtense Pro Powders recently, please share your designs in the comments. We’d love to see your creativity!

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