Circus Face Design Tutorial


TAG one stroke “blue wren” Nat’s Gold Edition

(if not available you could use TAG goldand Global fun stroke “Iceland” instead)

Wolfe black

Wolfe white

Ben Nye Lumiere powder Blue

Ben Nye Lumiere powder Icy Gold

(if you use TAG gold instead of Nat’s Gold edition; then choose Ben Nye Aztec Gold powder) instead

Powder applicator such as RubyRed large disposable Applicator

Round brushes size 2 and 6

Flat Brush ¾”

Flat Brush ½”

Flat brush 1/8”

Finger daubers

4 Small square jewels (I used champagne colored ones, but blue or gold would go good also)

Pros-Aide Adhesive

Elmer’s school glue stick

Loose or compact body powder with applicator



Begin with the coverage of your eyebrows. Comb your brows in the direction of their growth. Coat them in a layer of body powder. Now apply a layer of glue. Apply powder again until it is not sticky anymore (repeat 2-3 times until your brows are blended in and the surface feel smooth, last coat must be powder).

Load your round brush #6 with white face paint and paint on dramatic eyebrows; note that the arch is far above your natural eyebrows? Then load the narrow flat brush with white face paint and paint on a very straight sharp edged line from between your eye brows along the bridge of your nose down. I later on decided to prolong the line along my chin (see finished picture?) to keep it more balanced. So you might want to go ahead and do this while you’re at it.

Load your ¾” flat brush well with TAG Nat’s gold edition one stroke “blue wren”. Paint along your new white brow outwards, the darkest color towards your fake white brow line. With the same load you paint the curved shape on the cheek, narrowing the line and ending in a point (see picture). Reload your brush and repeat on the other side of your face. Load your Ruby Red Applicator with Ben Nye Icy gold and fill in the blank space on your eye lids.

Tip; Should you not be able to get this special edition one stroke cake, then you may load the two blue’s only from Global fun stroke “Iceland” and blend with TAG gold down to your lid.

Load your finger dauber with the blue hues from the one stroke and dab them 3 times on your cheek and give it a little twist before lifting them off, so that the colors blend in a circular motion. Go from big to smaller downwards to give the design more interest. You archive the different sizes play with more or less pressure (and later on you help to define the size with your outlining)

With the ½” flat brush load the two different blue shades and give yourself a two-toned lipstick, make sure that the darker hue is on the outer edge of your lips. Dab on some of the shimmery gold Ben Nye powder.

Load one side of the applicator with Ben Nye icy gold and the other side with Ben Nye blue powder and shade along the curved line, outer edges blue, inner edges gold. When there is only a hint of powder left on the applicator, rub it along the side of your nose, Cupid ’s bow and chin to bring the design together. Repeat with a fresh load on the other half of your face.

Using your round brush #6 you paint on bold highlights, as well as around the curves as also around the upper half of the circles. Remember to always paint “thin to thick to thin”. Then you paint on a cat eye line, same brush, same load…just above the crease of your eye. Repeat on the other side.

Get your jewels ready; apply a bit of Pros-Aide adhesive on your gems and lay them aside (the glue needs to get tacky).

Load your round brush #2 with Wolfe black and outline the edges just as you can see in this picture below.

Apply your prepared sticky jewels