Christmas Gift Package Giveaway

Last December, we decided to make Christmas a lot more merrier to one lucky face painter. We thought it would be awesome to send our winner a Christmas Gift Package with products that will make his/her Christmas and Winter-theme designs more glittery and festive. 

The giveaway was a big hit! So many face painters and artists joined the giveaway and shared it to their friends. Some even shared their best face paint designs!

Today, we will know more about the lucky winner of our giveaway! 

Sharon Lippert has been in the child care industry for over 20 years and a preschool teacher's assistant for 12 years. So, we knew then and there that she is great around children. 

Her face painting journey started when her sister, Ann, started face painting in Vegas and would send her photos of her gigs.  Ann told her where to get the best paints and all the other goodies like stencils and glitters. At this point, she ordered her supplies a few things at time and was then was hired to paint with Amdur Productions - an art fair company in Chicago, every weekend!  

Eager to grab the opportunity, Sharon looked up face painters to get advice and tips. The first face painter she met was the fabulous Margi Kantor.  She had a class at her home where Sharon met other incredible painters including Abby and Chantal.  She also took a Mark Reid class and met more cool painters. That opened the door for her face painting journey even more!

According to Sharon, her favorite part of face painting is the happiness created between herself and the children.  She really loves kids and the kids love her back!

Here are some of the designs that we grabbed from Sharon's website Fancy Face's by Sharon. You can also follow and contact her through  her Facebook page, Fancy Faces by Sharon.